Future of Agriculture – Farmgate Blockchain Applications with Emma Weston of AgriDigital

Future of Agriculture – Farmgate Blockchain Applications with Emma Weston of AgriDigital

Emma Weston is the CEO and one of the founders of AgriDigital, a commodity management company that combines advanced technical and industry expertise with aesthetic design and intelligent systems to develop seamless solutions to complex logistical, risk, customer management, and commodity issues in the agricultural sector. Emma leads the company’s business strategies, investor engagement, and their own Blockchain and talent management. She also has responsibilities in sales and operations.


In this episode, Emma shares how their company works with Blockchain and how it enables them to support farmers. She describes the impact Blockchain has on the future of transactions and why it will eventually become a standard in the industry.


“A platform approach means there is a single source of data and a single source of truth.”– Emma Weston


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • How Blockchain helped solve problems for their company.
  • How does Blockchain solve the payment security problem?
  • What’s the difference between Blockchain transactions and today’s internet transactions?
  • How their company utilizes Blockchain tech when it comes to finance.
  • Incentivizing the buyer to pay earlier than they should.
  • How can Blockchain provide transparency without exposing sensitive information?


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