Future of Agriculture – Farmer and Rancher Perspectives on Data, Blockchain and the Consumer with Jerod McDaniel

Future of Agriculture – Farmer and Rancher Perspectives on Data, Blockchain and the Consumer with Jerod McDaniel

Jerod McDaniel is a farmer and cattleman from Texhoma, Oklahoma. He is progressive when it comes to farm-related data, and new technology and practices. He is quite open and excited about the idea behind blockchain and how it would impact farmers like him. Jerod took over his grandfather’s farm in 1995 when he was just 18 years old which has enabled him to acquire the necessary skills for traditional farming as well as learn and integrate new ways to make the different processes involved much more efficient. He is considered one of the agriculture industry’s top Twitter influencers.

In this episode, Jerod discusses what farmers like him expect from blockchain technology. He shares some of the issues farmers and ranchers currently face and their current solutions, and how blockchain technology can elevate the systems they already have in place. He also describes the importance of having the right data when it comes to breeding with the right genetics and how it can make an otherwise slow year profitable.

“The best thing about blockchain technology is it would unify the platform people use.”– Jerod McDaniel

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

How much do farmers value data?
Why, even with data, it would be difficult to remove the farmer from farming.
What data is he collecting now that he didn’t previously?
Data points regarding cows he is more interested in.
How will blockchain help ranchers?
When it comes to data, what makes the beef industry different from the poultry and swine industries?
His opinion on the cryptocurrency trend?

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