Future of Agriculture – Farmer and Rancher Advocacy with RJ Karney of the American Farm Bureau Federation

Future of Agriculture – Farmer and Rancher Advocacy with RJ Karney of the American Farm Bureau Federation

RJ Karney is the Congressional Relations Director of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), an organization founded in 1919 that aims to be the country’s Voice of Agriculture. He is a government relation specialist with over nine years of regulatory advocacy and federal policy experience. His position at AFBF makes him a federal lobbyist whose goal is to get the government to listen to the different problems farmers experience as well as solutions that require government backing. He specializes in rural development, unmanned aircraft systems, broadband, and economic development.


In this episode, RJ shares AFBF’s advocacies as well as their various goals for agriculture. He shares what AFBF is all about, their projects, and their insight for the future of agriculture. He explains the importance of internet connection for crop and ranchlands, why the opportunities in rural America go beyond farming and ranching, and why 80% of farmer income is not through farming.


“We have to change the narrative that there aren’t opportunities in rural America.” – RJ Karney


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What is the American Farm Bureau Federation?
  • What do they mean when they say they are a grassroots organization?
  • Some of the projects he’s worked on.
  • What is their advocacy from a legislative standpoint?
  • How they balance the needs of certain farmer groups versus other farmer groups if they are at odds.
  • Areas that can positively impact rural economies.
  • What is the Farm Bill and why is it important?
  • American Farm Bureau Federation’s diverse farm members.


Connect with RJ Karney:


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