Future of Agriculture – Expanding the Global AgTech Ecosystem with Connie Bowen of The Yield Lab

Future of Agriculture – Expanding the Global AgTech Ecosystem with Connie Bowen of The Yield Lab

Connie Bowen is the Principal and Program Manager of The Yield Lab as well as the Principal of Cultivation Capital. The Yield Lab is an accelerator program for entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry. The program’s mission is to enable agribusinesses to revolutionize agrifood systems and promote sustainability through educational resources and support.


Connie joins me today to share The Yield Lab’s mission and how they help entrepreneurs build sustainable agribusinesses through their accelerator program. She discusses how technology is impacting the agriculture industry, how the company utilizes agtech to promote global expansion, and how the company is revolutionizing the accelerator model. She also shares what startup agribusinesses can expect by applying and participating in The Yield Lab’s programs as well as her perspective on the state of technology in the agriculture industry.



“Our global network is an asset for companies – so we can help them to expand at a rate that is appropriate for them.” – Connie Bowen

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What inspired her to build a career in the agriculture industry.
  • How she began working with The Yield Lab.
  • How the company is revolutionizing the way accelerators are meeting the needs of agtech and agribusinesses.
  • How The Yield Lab defines agtech.
  • What agribusinesses can expect when applying and working with the accelerator program.
  • Why the company decided to expand into multiple countries.
  • Which countries are their accelerator programs currently available?
  • How The Yield Lab customizes their programs to meet the needs of their portfolio companies.
  • The various programs available through the program.
  • Her perspective on the state of agtech.



Key Takeaways:


  • It is very difficult to expand into a new foreign country, but it is necessary for companies to scale.
  • There is a need for more people to look at ag as a very serious opportunity for innovation.
  • Ag technology, right now, is such a collaborative space.



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