Future of Agriculture – Evidence-Based Agriculture and Defining Sustainability with Marc Brazeau of Food and Farm Discussion Lab

Future of Agriculture – Evidence-Based Agriculture and Defining Sustainability with Marc Brazeau of Food and Farm Discussion Lab

Marc Brazeau is the Chief Organizer and Editor at Food and Farm Discussion Lab, a food system think tank and online magazine for people within the agriculture industry to share evidence-based solutions, ideas, and concepts related to sustainable agriculture, hunger and food security, and public health and nutrition concerns. With previous experience as a chef and restaurant owner as well as organizing unions within the agriculture space, he brings a unique perspective to the food-to-table movement. He is passionate about helping others form their opinions regarding agricultural issues based on evidence, science, and facts.

Marc joins me today to share how he became interested in evidence-based agriculture concerns, what inspired him to create the Food and Farm Discussion Lab, and how his views of food sustainability have evolved. He explains the variables that affect the global sustainability of food, why he believes scalability is a critical factor to consider when addressing food sustainability matters, and the issues that he believes have become over-hyped within the industry.


“If you’re not dealing with corn, soy, wheat, forage crops, or meat, then you’re not really having a serious conversation about sustainability.” – Marc Brazeau


This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • What inspired him to start the Food and Farm Discussion Lab.
  • The pivotal moment that lead him to begin searching for evidence-based information regarding sustainability issues in agriculture.
  • How agriculture professionals currently view the term “sustainability” and how we should transition to more productive views.
  • The variables that create the most impact on the global food sustainability crisis.
  • Why corn, soy, wheat, meat, and forage crops are critical to the overall scalability factor of food sustainability.
  • Over-hyped technologies and initiatives within the agriculture industry related to food sustainability.
  • How his views and opinions regarding food sustainability have evolved since starting the Food and Farm Discussion Lab.


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