Future of Agriculture – CrowdFARMING with Chris Rawley of Harvest Returns

Future of Agriculture – CrowdFARMING with Chris Rawley of Harvest Returns

Chris Rawley conceived the idea of crowdfunding platforms for agriculture while visiting a farm investment in Central America. He would soon start Harvest Returns, a crowdfunding company that serves investors looking to diversify their portfolio and invest their money on actual farms. Before founding Harvest Returns, Chris obtained corporate management roles in various companies and once served as a defense consultant at Special Operations Command Headquarters thanks to his military experience. He has been investing in real estate and agriculture for almost twenty years.


In this episode, Chris discusses how his company helps both farmers and investors. He shares how he got the idea of starting Harvest Returns, the company’s main goals, and what makes them different from other agricultural crowdsourcing platforms. He also shares some of their recent projects as well as some of their strategies in handling difficult markets.


“Agriculture is for people with long-term investment horizons.” – Chris Rawley


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What is equity crowdfunding?
  • Who are their primary clients?
  • What does Harvest Returns invest in?
  • What assurance do investors have that their farm will be well managed?
  • What would compel farmers to give up some of their ownership to get money?
  • How do they handle a two-sided marketplace?
  • How does their company make money?
  • What made them start the company?
  • How many deals have they closed so far?


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