Future of Agriculture – Blockchain and the Internet of Food with Raja Ramachandran of Ripe.io

Future of Agriculture – Blockchain and the Internet of Food with Raja Ramachandran of Ripe.io

Raja Ramachandran is the CEO of Ripe.io, a company that considers itself as the Blockchain of food. Ripe.io offers solutions to food problems that involve data transparency while also providing answers to many consumer questions. Raja has a background in finance and FOREX trading and is fond of using financial technology, cloud-based systems, machine learning, and Blockchain to help solve problems around food on a global scale.


In this episode, Raja shares the idea behind Ripe.io, their mission, and how they can make use of Blockchain to solve problems specific to food and agriculture. He explains why Blockchain is not the answer, but part of a solution and how consumer feedback helps make the system work better. He also describes the current application of Blockchain now as well as how he sees it being implemented in the short term.


“Once you recognize the things you know and don’t know, you’re gonna be looking for different tools to make certain things happen.”– Raja Ramachandran



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • Why they created Ripe.io
  • Why did they focus on food in applying Blockchain?
  • Where does the data end up and where is the value in it?
  • How consumers can contribute to the Blockchain.
  • How does a company insert themselves in the middle of a system where the purpose is to get rid of the middle?
  • Who are their ideal customers?
  • What was the Sweet Green Pilot all about?
  • What can Blockchain do for food waste?
  • Is an ICO something Ripe.io is interested in?


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