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Dirt Road Tour Episodes

Dirt Road Tour: Mike Zwingman

Meet the kid that dreamed of becoming an agronomist

Dirt Road Tour: Sam Hake & Mike Zwingman

An agronomist and a cattle farmer walk into a bar…(at lunch)…

Dirt Road Tour: Zoerb Family

The Dirt Road Tour headed to Cornhusker territory for an epic Twitter meet-up hosted by the Zoerb family

Dirt Road Tour: Stephen Ellis

The Dirt Road Tour visited Virginia and stopped by 17 South for a delicious lunch with Stephen Ellis

Dirt Road Tour: Donny Lassiter Pt 2

A true expert on chufa. Thanks to Donny Lassiter for introducing the Dirt Road Tour to a lesser-known crop. Featuring another taste test by the Shark Farmer

Dirt Road Tour: Donny Lassiter Pt 1

The Dirt Road Tour visited Donny Lassiter and went nuts. *Disclaimer: peanuts are a legume, not a nut.

Dirt Road Tour Dashcam – Passion For Agriculture

The Dirt Road Tour discusses the passion in agriculture: It’s not just a job – it’s something bigger.

Dirt Road Tour: Julius Tillery Pt 2

The Dirt Road Tour is officially furnished with selfie sticks, thanks to Julius Tillery

Dirt Road Tour: Julius Tillery Pt 1

Cotton farmer Julius Tillery is bringing the cool factor to agriculture. A great stop on the Dirt Road Tour

Dirt Road Tour: John Fleming

The Dirt Road Tour headed to NC Cotton country to talk with John Fleming about balancing farming & family in rural areas like Northeast North Carolina

Dirt Road Tour Dashcam – Nostalgia

Nostalgia kicks in for the #DirtRoadTour after a visit to Manning Farms

Dirt Road Tour: Jonathan Evans Part 2

Even with pigweed resistance, cotton is Jonathan Evans’ favorite crop to grow. Now, what about bubble machines for wind direction?

Dirt Road Tour: Jonathan Evans Part 1

North Carolina was pretty sweet. The #DirtRoadTour visited Jonathan Evans to talk sweet potatoes and how farming is in his blood.

Dirt Road Tour: Greg Manning

The #DirtRoadTour headed to NE North Carolina and got a lesson in the correct way to pronounce “tobacco”, thanks to Greg Manning

Dirt Road Tour Dashcam – Rob’s Ancestry

The Dirt Road Tour ancestry:
Rob: “You don’t know your ancestry?”
Donnarie: “Nope. I’m from Eastern North Carolina.”

Dirt Road Tour: Sunny Bottoms

Rice wisdom from Dr. Sunny Bottoms on the Dirt Road Tour ft. soundtrack by demon frogs

Dirt Road Tour: Christian Richard

The Dirt Road Tour stopped by Louisiana, where the Shark Farmer was a shark out of water.

Dirt Road Tour Dashcam – Headline AMP

It’s fungicide season. Here’s a shameless BASF product plug from The Shark Farmer that we didn’t even have to pay for.

Dirt Road Tour: Jerod & Julie McDaniel – Pt. 3

Is it Shark Week or are we on Shark Tank? The Shark Farmer shares a million dollar idea for Jerod McDaniel’s dryland corn.

Dirt Road Tour: Jerod & Julie McDaniel – Pt. 2

Not everything is easy in Oklahoma. Hear how Jerod McDaniel pushes corn to its limit. Mad scientist at work on the #DirtRoadTour

Dirt Road Tour: Jerod & Julie McDaniel – Pt. 1

The #DirtRoadTour made their way to the Oklahoma Panhandle and learned the importance of family & farming with Jerod and Julie McDaniel

Dirt Road Tour Dashcam – #AgTwitter Jokes

The #DirtRoadTour stays entertained on the road thanks to quality jokes from Karl Armstrong @farmboy8400

Dirt Road Tour: Mr. Pigweed

#AgTwitter: where everything ends in an awkward hug. Thanks to Mike Lass for being a part of the #DirtRoadTour with Rob Sharkey and Donnarie Hales!

Dirt Road Dashcam – Truck Horn

A classic Road Trip activity: Signaling for a truck horn.

Dirt Road Tour: Bolen Vineyards

The #DirtRoadTour recently made a stop at Bolen Vineyards in Smyer, TX. Listen in as Rob and Donnarie learn all things Texas wine

Dirt Road Tour Dashcam – Punch Bug

Donnarie teaches Rob about the classic road game – Punch Bug

Dirt Road Tour Trailer

The Dirt Road Tour has hit the road! Follow Donnarie Hales and Rob Sharkey as we track their journey.