Cow Vet Vlog Episodes


DONKEY KING (and an abscess to the face)

The Creelman kids and I give Diana a bit of a break and head out together. We ride bikes, cut deads, headbutt an abscess, and visit the world’s cutest donkey herd.

1 IN 100 000 CALF DEFORMITY (Schistosomus reflexus)

Schistosomus reflexus is a rare and fatal congenital disorder. It’s
characterized by spinal inversion, exposure of the abdominal viscera, and limb ankylosis.

This is my third case, have YOU ever seen it before?


If you can’t have fun at work, you’re doing it wrong. Ashley, Wilbur, Phin and I have an action packed day in the books. We start it all off with a preg test in a mare (horses are so scary), then move into a lameness check in a bull, trimming proud flesh in a horse, a PM, and finish the day preg testing heifers by ultrasound. Heifers and horses beware, Dr. Nacho Verde is on the loose.


Preg testing, parasites, and a little Creelman family history.


A jammed packed and super fun day with vet tech Ashley. We hit the road and see a preputial laceration, a swollen hock, an umbilical abscess, two cases of pink eye, a cervical prolapse (YUP they can prolapse), and finish the day off with a set of equine dentals and a big ol’ box of Hutterite baking!


A super fun day rescuing a herd of horses from a canola field, treating uveitis in a mare, and an eye removal in a calf to treat an abscess.

And ya, I broke my drone.
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Ashley and I spend the day at the Calgary Stampede UFA Cattle Trail with Lucy the teaching cow. We met a ton of people and tried hard to educate them on what we do as veterinary professionals.

Cow Vet Vlog  – CANADA 150

The Creelman Family tradition of getting up at 5:00 am to head down to the Calgary Stampede Parade pays off again. This might be the most Canadian thing you ever see.

Cow Vet Vlog – CALGARY STAMPEDE 2017

My stomach hurt after watching this video with Ashley this morning!!! A fun filled day down at the Calgary Stampede, setting up our booth at the UFA Cattle Trail. We finished the afternoon with me breaking the world record for fastest post mortem….. *drops mic

Cow Vet Vlog – Maggocidal!

Today’s video is about how to get rid of maggots, cattle export, and Snapchat Spectacles.

Cow Vet Vlog – She has waited three years for this

Sorry for the awkward veterinary vlog, I have no idea where the footage went. In this episode we tackle a rectal prolapse, a calf with a broken jaw, and drain a shoulder abscess.

I am also featured in the Shark Farmer podcast this week, please check it out!

Cow Vet Vlog – On The Fence

In this veterinary vlog we treat a chronic bloater, assess a partially paralyzed feedlot heifer, do the world’s most cinematic post mortem, and end it off with the cucumber song!

Cow Vet Vlog – One Trick Pony

A Fathers Day hike into the Canadian Rockies with Diana, Emerson, Niamh, and some family friends! Such a great day.

Cow Vet Vlog – Bovine Ultrasound

This was by far the hardest and longest vlog I have edited to date. It took over 12 hours to piece together and keep interesting. I did it though because I had so many requests to share more ultrasound imaging, which is a little tricky to set up. Envision a portable screen, in a cardboard box, a GoPro on a coffee cup, and a second camera from the side.


Cow Vet Vlog – All Day Err Day

The last of my prebreeding palpations for the year, a how-to on getting crypto whist eating donuts, and a Demolition Ranch-style sharpshooter battle to the death (of a coffee creamer).

Cow Vet Vlog – Fidget Spinner

Prebreeding palpations, semen testing, a fidget spinner review, and Emerson’s first bike race!