What the Farm

What the Farm Podcast – Corey Meyer

Corey Meyer is a butcher from Alberta. He talks to us about public perception and what his customers want.

What the Farm Podcast – Katie Pinke (insert anti-ag clickbait)

With 10 years in the Ag news biz, Katie Pinke shares her knowledge of countering the anti agriculture hype

What the Farm Podcast – Jennifer Campbell Balance 365

Can someone really like everything about their body?

Does a diet really work?

Jennifer Campbell from Balance365 shares how diets and food advertising are creating unhealthy eating habits.

What the Farm Podcast – Lia Biondo talks fake meat

Fake meat poops…

Listen in as Lesley and Rob talk to Lia Biondo about the process of making fake meat.

What the Farm Podcast – Roary MacPherson Newfoundland Chef

Being the youngest of 16 taught Roary MacPherson to appreciate quality ingredients. Listen to how he became one of Canada’s premier chefs

What the Farm Podcast – Goat Yoga with Lee Dobbins

What the hell is goat yoga?

Listen in as we talk to Lee Dobbins and how goat yoga is an additional revenue stream to his farm.

What the Farm Podcast – Natasha Nicholes Chicago Farmer

Natasha Nicholes is bringing farming to Chicago!

What the Farm Podcast – Kevin Kossowan From The Wild

Kevin Kossowan shares his views on what people should know about where their food comes from.

What the Farm Podcast – Ashlyn George lost girl

Ashlyn George is about as well traveled as they come. Listen in as she gives advice to farmers on how to travel.


What the Farm Podcast – Stacey Decker gives us an inside look

Stacey Decker gives us an inside look into what an urban mom looks at when deciding how to feed her family.