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What the Farm

What the Farm Podcast – Aleana Young cheesy dreams

Aleana Young took a leap of faith and opened her own specialty cheese shop in Regina, Saskatchewan. Now she deals directly with the end consumer everyday, providing them with poetic descriptions of her imported cheeses. Listen as she tells Rob and Lesley what she has learned from her customers and how it is all about the cheese experience.

What the Farm Podcast – Allison Woodward beet and great

What the Farm Podcast – David Coletto listening to millennials

Millennials are a unique generation that have grown up with social media. Posting on social media has been part of their life. This has affected where they shop and what they eat. However, they are interested in facts and are willing to listen, which gives agriculture an opportunity to share information. Listen as Rob Sharkey and Lesley Kelly talk to David Coletto about this large segment of our population as they continue to drive decisions.

What the Farm Podcast – Trevor McBane singing goat farmer

Trevor McBane is a goat farmer from Oklahoma but what sets him apart is how he relentlessly pursued his dreams and auditioned for American Idol. Although he didn’t win he finished in the top 25. He talks about all the unexpected doors it has opened and what he’s doing now!

What the Farm Podcast – Frank M. Mitloehner, All Ph.D. and no BS

Are you sick of hearing “Meatless Mondays” will save the planet? Listen as Frank Mitloehner explains the truth in a way you’ve never heard before.

What the Farm Podcast – Dana McCauley fork to farm

When consumers demand organic, are they willing to sacrifice price & Taste?

What the Farm Podcast – Nick Babington Futurist

What the Farm Podcast – Jenny Hefty giving back

What do you do when a kid’s “Make A Wish” request is to see big farm equipment? You send him to a farm show!

What the Farm Podcast – Jay Hill not your average farmer

What the Farm Podcast – Kyle Wynette growing future beer