What the Farm

What the Farm Podcast – Ag Trade Policy with Chuck Spencer

Chuck Spenser is about as well versed on agriculture policy as you’ll get. We ask him if Trump can beat up Justin Trudeau…

What the Farm Podcast – Wind, Solar, and Farming

Do wind turbines help farmers… or do they just blow?
@lesleyraekelly and I talk wind and solar.

What the Farm Podcast – Curling with Kirk Muyres

Today Rob and Lesley talk to professional curler Kirk Muyres. Kirk talks about how his diet and farm background affects his performance.

What the Farm Podcast – Agriculture Media

Where does agriculture get their news and entertainment?

Also what are advertisers looking for?

What The Farm Podcast – Mansplaining

WTF is Mansplaining?

What the Farm Podcast – How far do you go to defend your farm


How far do you go to defend your farm? In this episode, Lesley and Rob finish their 3 part series tackling the Boushie/Stanley murder case in Saskatchewan.

What The Farm Podcast – Racism in Agriculture

Lesley and I tackle racism in ag. We are joined by Julius Tillery….. he’s black, so we’re legit

What the Farm Podcast – Drugs in rural areas

Lesley and Rob talk about drugs in rural areas. It’s the first in a series of podcast leading up to talking about the Colten Boushie case in Saskatchewan.

What The Farm Podcast – Sinful talk about sin tax

Well we’ve got a new name: What The Farm Podcast

Lesley and I discuss sin taxes… but it leads into a rant about PETA