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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Rachael Spangelo is the Queen of TwoDots

Rachael Spangelo is the Queen of TwoDots Montana… I guess

Listen to her incredible story about protecting her daughter.

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Time stamps:

6:33     2 dots Montana

14:48    hand up a bison butt

27:46    direct to consumer beef

32:07    her mini me

36:30    immigration, gangs, and escaping danger

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Mandy Rizzo… ignorance isn’t malicious

Mandy Rizzo has some good lessons for the rest of us on how to deal with ignorant people…. because ignorance isn’t malicious. From her experience with Autism to a really bad joke… this one has it all


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time stamps:

5:22     Mandy is the podcast molder

10:30    Raising a kid with Autism

25:32    Scared into organic

36:49     Ignorance isn’t malicious

56:22    Another bad joke

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Chad Ingels tuggin away at heartstrings

Chad Ingels talks about how wonderful life is raising two children with Down’s Syndrome. He talks about the total experience, from fear to pride, and why he openly shares pictures on social media. Plus, cover crops and sitting on board of directors.

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4:41       Chicks dig a dude that plays the saxophone

11:00     Raising children with Down’s Syndrome

32:52     friggin cover crops

39:14     Board after board after board

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Jill Burkhardt proves hippies tell bad jokes

No added hormones, no antibiotics, and no ability to tell a good joke…

Listen as Jill tells us about farming in Alberta


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Time Stamps:

11:47   No added hormones, no antibiotics

18:41   Chipotle inspectors

32:47   Fava beans with a nice chianti

37:57   Food allergies

44:00   Worst joke ever

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Nate Chittenden… ya I know

Nate Chittenden should be banned from Snapchat. However, he does some very good things for agriculture. Giving tours of his dairy is a high priority.

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Time Stamps:

8:19       79 cent milk

15:17     He was gonna be a doctor???

20:05     How a farm survives the parents’ divorce

35:28     giving the yutes tours

42:39     dealing with social media trolls

The Shark Farmer Podcast -Bonus Cut – Nate Chittenden explains dairy co-ops

Nate Chittenden talks about current dairy issues on this bonus cut.

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Natalie Newell will cut you

Natalie Newell is a mom that doesn’t put up with fear mongering celebrity activist. So much so that she is making a movie promoting common sense in food science, vaccines, and children’s health. Plus we rip on the stupid decision Cargill has made.

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time stamps:

5:40       GFY Cargill

18:05     Who is this skeptic woman?

23:52     oh…. I’ll just make a movie

28:48     no vaccines???

36:07     What every parent should see

40:13     best social media to reach moms

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Belinda Bowman isn’t completely heartless

Belinda Bowman had a life changing experience when she went to Africa to help people feed themselves. Her charity has transferred over to trying to help the victims of the wildfires.

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Time stamps:

4:29       Wildfire fund raising

14:25     It’s only Africa

28:25     GMOs in Africa

37:36     How she came back to the farm

42:51     Being a chick in ag

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Trent Cadra – Going through the wildfires

Trent Cadra is a rancher in Texas who was struck by the wildfires. Although you really wouldn’t know it by talking to him. Even with suffering a loss he is focused on others.

Special thanks to Julie Tomascik

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listen to the whole damn story

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jerod McDaniel & myths of bottle feeding pics

Jerod McDaniel completely destroys the good feelings that I would get when someone would post a picture of a bottle-feeding calf. He’s got an amazing story of taking over the farm at the age of 18.

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7:00       are agvocates being used

14:22     bottle feeding calves

23:22     taking over at 18

43:12     BTFD TV

54:00     corn contest