Sharkfarmer Podcast

Shark Farmer Podcast – Jonnie Roughrider Bikes-Guns-Tattoos

Jonnie Roughrider likes tattoos and motorcycles. However, its was his views on preventative maintenance, when it comes to mental health, that steal the show.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – David Womack life lessons

David Womack is a Tennessee farmer that’s growing huge yields. Listen to his journey that started at a corporate job, to sleeping in a bathroom, to almost winning the State NCGA yield contest.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Stephanie Stray Cow

Stephanie Stray Cow is the most difficult guest I’ve ever had…. but she is kinda cool. Listen as she talks about FFA changing her life and landing her in Nebraska raising cow baby mommas.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Chris Koch is funnier than me

Not having arms and legs hasn’t slowed down Chris Koch.
Listen to how this active farmer maintains such a good outlook on life.

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jodi DeHate, ag has your back

Jodi Dehate has been around agriculture her whole life. Listen to how that helped her through divorce and losing a job.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Luke Lauritsen…. not Lichtenstein

Luke Lauritsen was that typical farm kid. Listen as he talks transitioning to sales and bullying.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Mike Lass first generation farmer

Mike Lass grew up in Chino California… now he is a cotton farmer in Texas. Listen as he talks family and faith in agriculture.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Megz Reynolds movie sets to combines

Farmer Megz did not have your typical ag background. She was too busy hanging out with the cast of Twilight. From combine fires to standing up for mental health, she’s farming her way.


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Shark Farmer Podcast – Casey Schuhmacher for President

Casey Schuhmacher is a political junkie… and that is a good thing for agriculture. Listen as he talks irrigation, family farming, and social media.

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Sharkfarmer Podcast – Scott Mathews conservation pioneer

Scott Mathews had an awful 2017, but he continues to remain optimistic. He talks about his battles with the NRCS and growing rice.

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