Sharkfarmer Podcast

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Scott Mathews conservation pioneer

Scott Mathews had an awful 2017, but he continues to remain optimistic. He talks about his battles with the NRCS and growing rice.

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The Sharkfarmer Podcast – Meredith Bernard isn’t funny

Meredith Bernard is a woman determined to learn the ins and outs of farming. Listen to how this genuinely nice person is making a positive impact.

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The Sharkfarmer Podcast – Conrad Smith crazy profit talk

Conrad Smith is in the Ag retail business. He has this crazy idea that his customers should make a profit. Plus he talks about how he views businesses on social media.

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The SharkFarmer Podcast – Sandi Brock & Amy Matheson talk Christmas

Holiday seasons are for having fun… and what better way to have fun than hanging out with Sandi Brock and Amy Matheson!!!

Plus my version of The Night Before Christmas

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA

Jackie Allenbrand and Alda Owen are pretty tough on me, but that’s ok. They are passionate about helping disabled farmers. Listen to this amazing story!

Support P.H.A.R.M Dog USA – Donate to the Glitter Beard Challenge and help get a dog to a farmer with disability here.

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Ashley Kennedy, one tough Bad Axe

Ashley Kennedy is a dairy farmer from Bad Axe Michigan. She openly talks about infertility struggles and the interesting world of dairy employees.

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Layla Katiraee PhD ChickenPox Parties

Layla Katiraee PhD is one of the stars of the documentary “Science Moms” We talk about GMO’s and Chicken Pox parties.

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The Sharkfarmer Podcast – Quentin Connealy cornfield surfer

Quentin Connealy talks about what it’s like being a an introvert but yet still trying to tell people about his farm. He also wakeboards in his cornfields.


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The SharkFarmer Podcast – Emily Johannes

Emily Johannes lives in Washington DC but apparently doesn’t know Donald Trump. We talk sustainability and world travel.

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Brooke Doyle, chicks can sell equipment?

Brooke Doyle is a 24 year old equipment salesman that is shattering all the molds. She talks about dealing with farmers and ag social media.

her snapchat brooklynn-93

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