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Shark Farmer Podcast – Alyssa Badger strength in confidence

Alyssa Badger is one of the most impressive people you’ll ever meet. Listen as she talks about building her career without a college education, and struggling to overcome an assault.

Shark Farmer Podcast – Brian Brown, Brian’s farm videos

One of ag YouTube’s biggest stars. @BriansVideos talks about how he has never wanted to do anything else but farm.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Samuel Goldberg, Silo the film

How does a guy from New York end up making a movie about grain bin entrapment? Listen as I talk to Sam Goldberg about the movie Silo

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Tara Beaver Coronado doesn’t do sour grapes

Tara Beaver Coronado has had some major curve balls in her life. However, this grape farmer won’t let that stop her from trying to destroy agriculture stigmas.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Ryan Valk is nuts

Ryan Valk came back to his California ranch and turned it into an almond farm. Listen to how this young farmer’s ambition is changing the way you’ll think about your nuts.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Taryn Pfeiffer Farm Vet Fridays

Dr. Taryn Pfeiffer has known what she has wanted to do since she was 5 years old. Growing up on her father’s hog farm she was always at his side learning about farm animals and how to best care for them. So it was no surprise when she pursued becoming a large animal vet. Taryn is now best known for her authentic straight forward Facebook videos called “Farm Vet Fridays”. She shares her daily life as a vet whether it’s performing an autopsy on a pig or chatting with 4-H kids at the state fair.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Brenda Rudolph embracing dairy

Shark Farmer Podcast – Bridgette Readel not so wicked stepmom

Get to know the woman who is always posting those agronomic videos on twitter.

Bridgette Readel talks about being a stepmom and a woman in ag

Shark Farmer Podcast – Ted Hamer black cloud shades less everyday

Shark Farmer Podcast – John Schlessiger Don’t be afraid to share your story

John Schlessiger wants to share the struggles of their family, because you can never tell who it’s going to help.