Sharkfarmer Podcast

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Nathan Leeper can jump real high

Nathan Leeper can jump real high, so high it took him to the Olympics. But he’s here to talk about how he overcame alcoholism with the help of his friends and family.


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time stamp:

7:45 Olympics

19:05 Retirement

21:12 Alcoholism

40:07 Getting Help

The SharkFarmer Podcast – A Russian and a Canadian walk into a bar

Wade and Marina Barnes tell the story of how they fell in love. Now they are leading FarmersEdge to the top of agriculture’s technology companies.

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Bob & Debbie Reed tackle Hurricane Harvey

Hear the story of Bob and Debbie Reed as they face the challenges of leading their family farm through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. From rescue via jetski to embracing the kindness of neighbors… the Reeds hold nothing back

Hurricane Relief fund


time stamps:

9:03 Harvey

17:18 Jet ski rescue

38:16 advice from their experiences

45:13 Pure Texas perspective

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Nate Herman from Lake Life TV

Nate Herman from Lake Life TV talks about how a childhood dream of fishing led into an unexpected opportunity to share his beliefs

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Dwayne Faber Twitter legend

Dwayne Faber has quickly established himself as one of twitters funniest farmers. Listen as he talks Family, dairy, and farmers marketing themselves.

time stamp:

10:28 Ag Twitter

24:00 The ultimatum

30:24 Holland underground

34:04 agvocate???

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Sean Stanford fightin fires

Sean Stanford is a man that wears many hats. A guy that puts family and community first…. but don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him.


7:40 buying a farm

13:28 Being a volunteer fireman

19:23 the tough calls

25:35 dealing with anxiety

33:58 young Alberta love

41:55 hold that kid… I’m hungry

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Ginelle James is on my playlist

Ginelle James is just a down-home country gal…. who just happens to have an amazing voice. Listen as she talks about working in ag while trying to break into country music.


9:30 her singing side gig

24:52 the “it” factor

37:22 making a video

40:23 Women in Ag

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Cam Houle 1st generation farmer

Cam Houle is about to take us on a journey of no return. This first generation dairy farmer guides us through his new venture of not only a new career but a new home life.

Time stamps:

16:55     his better half

25:52     Cams day

31:17     is hard work enough

40:56     stress vomit

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Greg Manning growin bacca

Greg Manning is North Carolina through and through. We talk growin bacca and getting married. His interview starts at 8:35.

Rachael Spangelo gives a quick update on the wildfires

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The SharkFarmer Podcast – Natalina Sents sleeps in parking lots

Natalina Sents spent a year going to all 50 states to meet farmers. It gives her a very unique view on how agriculture should interact with the public.

Time Stamps:

7:37 Fight for what you want

16:20 Role of a farm wife

23:40 Telling your story (this is good)

36:58 The car wreck