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Shark Farmer Podcast – Matt McCune Farmer-Storm Chaser

Being a full time agronomist/salesman while also being a full time farmer isn’t all that unusual… but it doesn’t mean it’s not impressive

Listen as I talk to Matt McCune about ag and storm chasing

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Andrew Rodriguez Football to Seed Corn

How does a kid from Spanish Harlem end up selling seed corn in Nebraska?

Listen to the incredible story of Andrew Rodriguez and how Football and his older brother changed his life.

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Merry Christmas

Here it is…. The Christmas episode!!!
From John Deere colored trees to present shaming… this one has it all
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Stories from
Mark Kannmacher

Shark Farmer Podcast – Suzanne Swift-Cook first generation farmer

Imagine living in a camper with 6 kids and your spouse…

listen as I talk to Suzanne Swift-Cook, first generation farme

Shark Farmer Podcast – Gavin Spoor popcorn empire

Is it possible to be born a farmer without being from a farm family?

Would you walk into random grocery stores trying to create a market for yourself?

Listen as I talk with Gavin Spoor about his path to becoming a farmer

Shark Farmer Podcast – The New Mexico Milkmaid

Would you be able to handle death threats from animal rights extremist?

Can a “farm wife” represent agriculture on social media?

All this and more as I talk with The New Mexico Milkmaid

Shark Farmer Podcast – Chis Jansen puts family first

What steps do yo take, as a farmer, that helps you spend more time with family?

Listen as I talk with Chris Jansen about the two major events that shaped his farm life and family life

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Leona Watson remembering lessons

Would you know what to do with the family farm if both your parents died when you were 22?

Listen as Lesley Kelly podcast bombs me on this crossover episode and we talk to Leona Watson

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Hezy Anholz BushVet

Surrounding yourself with good people is good for “herd health”

Listen as I talk with Malawi veterinarian Hezy Anholz. We talk about everything from African swine flu to trophy hunting.
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Shark Farmer Podcast – Cami Ryan love and corporate ag

Life is a path… You may not have a choice where you begin but you always have a choice how you continue.

Listen as I talk to Cami Ryan about life and corporate ag