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The Sharkfarmer Podcast – Quentin Connealy cornfield surfer

Quentin Connealy talks about what it’s like being a an introvert but yet still trying to tell people about his farm. He also wakeboards in his cornfields.


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The Farmer and the City Girl – Donnarie Hales and jerks of SM

In this episode, Lesley Kelley and Rob Sharkey are talking to Donnarie Hales her plane ticket ordeal

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Ontario AgCast – Dave McEachren

Cover Crops, Fire Trucks and John Deeres


8:00 Dave says “Moldboard plows are STUPID”

20:00 Balancing farming, family and volunteering.

23:30 Being a fire fighter is more than “Put the wet stuff on the red stuff”

27:20 Fire fighters looking out for each other. Mental health is as important as physical health.

35:20 Dave schools Wendell on John Deere trivia.



Future of Agriculture – Cellulosic Biofuels (Part 1) with Dr. Robert Brown of the Bio Institute at Iowa State University

This episode begins a three-part series on cellulosic ethanol and other cellulosic biofuels.

What if we could take one of the most prolific, abundant, renewable, and sustainable items on the plant – Cellulose – and make fuel from it?

Well, we can! Sounds fantastic, but there are, of course, challenges. It’s expensive, the conversions aren’t as great as we’d like them to be, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to improve the processes in order to make cellulosic biofuels a widespread reality.

This is the first part of the three-part series where we explore these opportunities and challenges with cellulosic biofuels. Dr. Brown describes a future where farmers can produce biomass that is specifically bred to be processed into fuels that can go directly into an engine. This would, of course, take collaboration between seed companies, farmers, ethanol plants, and fuel manufacturers and retailers.


Check out Dr. Brown’s Bio Institute at Iowa State University.

To learn more, pick up a copy of Dr. Brown’s book “Why Are We Producing Biofuels?”


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The SharkFarmer Podcast – Emily Johannes

Emily Johannes lives in Washington DC but apparently doesn’t know Donald Trump. We talk sustainability and world travel.

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The Farmer and the City Girl – Rob goes off on Farm Bureau

Lesley pushes Rob into a rage against Farm Bureau

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Ontario AgCast – Gender Equality – What’s all the fuss about?

Are Ag businesses and boards really led by gray haired white men?

Does the old boys club still exist?

This is an important conversation about gender equality not just in agriculture but in all industries.

Thanks to Jen Christie and Adrienne Ivey for having this conversation.

Future of Agriculture – Farm Economies of Scale with Lon Frahm of Frahm Farmland Inc

How does a 30,000-acre farm operate with just 9 employees?

Lon Frahm shares with Tim how he has grown his row crop operation to over 30,000 acres, and how he uses economies of scale such as self-insuring and storing his own grain, to develop advantages over other farmers.

Lon has a very impressive story. He took over his family’s farm upon his father’s death when he was just 28 years old. He has lead the operation to tremendous growth over the past 30 years and has experienced very little employee turnover.

Lon knows the value in keeping good people on the team, learning quicker than your competition, and networking with peers in the industry.

Whether you are a farmer, in agribusiness, or not in any related field, there are still some business gems in this episode.

Learn more about Frahm Farmland at http://www.frahmfarmland.com

Wall Street Journal Article Featuring Lon Frahm

Visit http://www.AgGrad.com to connect to careers and employers in agriculture.

Reach out to Tim on Twitter @timhammerich.

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Brooke Doyle, chicks can sell equipment?

Brooke Doyle is a 24 year old equipment salesman that is shattering all the molds. She talks about dealing with farmers and ag social media.

her snapchat brooklynn-93

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The Farmer and the City Girl – Soldier to Farmer, Tom Conklin

Tom Conklin, has gone from landing jets on an aircraft carrier to raising wheat… and he loves it

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