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Shark Farmer Podcast – Jonnie Roughrider Bikes-Guns-Tattoos

Jonnie Roughrider likes tattoos and motorcycles. However, its was his views on preventative maintenance, when it comes to mental health, that steal the show.

Please watch this interview with Farmers Edge CEO Wade Barnes

What The Farm Podcast – Mansplaining

WTF is Mansplaining?

Ontario AgCast – Mel Luymes

Talking with Mel Luymes about experiencing different cultures, understanding both sides of an issue and saving the world makes me feel like I should be trying harder. Also old.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Farming, Family, & Future

Tonight I’m delighted to be staying in Wales and heading down to Brecon in Powys to talk to farmer and new President of NFU Cymru, John Davies.

We talk about the family farm near the village of Merthyr Cynnog and the various enterprises they have there, including 100 suckler cows, finishing Welsh Black Cattle, 1000 ewes, and a contracting business covering 2000 acres of grass silage production for neighbouring farms.

We also discuss the 3 holiday units that they renovated to a very high standard from derelict farm buildings, and now rent out to tourists – epyntholidays.co.uk

We go into the various events they’ve held on the farm, from YFC rally, through to the very first Royal Welsh Grassland event in 2012, which happened to be the wettest June day in living memory!

We discuss the huge role that Young Farmer’s Club has played in his life, from being National Chairman to meeting his wife Menna ,and some of the experiences that he had along the way, as well as a local history project that he was involved in ‘Cofio’r Epynt’ which looked at the impact to the area when 52 families had to be moved at short notice in 1939 to create an army training area.

We also talk about his time as Chairman of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, and his role in organising the biggest Ag show in Europe, The Royal Welsh Show.

We then discuss at length NFU Cymru (Wales National Farmer’s Union), and how he feels to be elected President. We talk about some of the issues facing Welsh farmers at the moment, the importance of securing a free trade deal with Europe, and how vital it is for people to get involved and support the organisation. We also discuss what it’s like to stand up and stick your head above the parapet, and how important it is to have good friends and family around you, and what motivates John to take on a high profile role like this.

All this and much more. John’s a fantastic representative for Welsh farming and a great guy, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk to him tonight. Check it out folks..



This episode is kindly sponsored by NFU Cymru. For more information please visit www.nfu-cymru.org.uk or www.rockandrollfarming.com

Future of Agriculture – Farmer and Rancher Advocacy with RJ Karney of the American Farm Bureau Federation

RJ Karney is the Congressional Relations Director of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), an organization founded in 1919 that aims to be the country’s Voice of Agriculture. He is a government relation specialist with over nine years of regulatory advocacy and federal policy experience. His position at AFBF makes him a federal lobbyist whose goal is to get the government to listen to the different problems farmers experience as well as solutions that require government backing. He specializes in rural development, unmanned aircraft systems, broadband, and economic development.


In this episode, RJ shares AFBF’s advocacies as well as their various goals for agriculture. He shares what AFBF is all about, their projects, and their insight for the future of agriculture. He explains the importance of internet connection for crop and ranchlands, why the opportunities in rural America go beyond farming and ranching, and why 80% of farmer income is not through farming.


“We have to change the narrative that there aren’t opportunities in rural America.” – RJ Karney


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What is the American Farm Bureau Federation?
  • What do they mean when they say they are a grassroots organization?
  • Some of the projects he’s worked on.
  • What is their advocacy from a legislative standpoint?
  • How they balance the needs of certain farmer groups versus other farmer groups if they are at odds.
  • Areas that can positively impact rural economies.
  • What is the Farm Bill and why is it important?
  • American Farm Bureau Federation’s diverse farm members.


Connect with RJ Karney:


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Shark Farmer Podcast – David Womack life lessons

David Womack is a Tennessee farmer that’s growing huge yields. Listen to his journey that started at a corporate job, to sleeping in a bathroom, to almost winning the State NCGA yield contest.

Please visit our sponsor Farmers Edge

What the Farm Podcast – How far do you go to defend your farm


How far do you go to defend your farm? In this episode, Lesley and Rob finish their 3 part series tackling the Boushie/Stanley murder case in Saskatchewan.

Keeping Ag Real – You asked, we’re delivering. Food Truck Nation, Kiosks & Fresh Smoothie Machines

Have you heard of FastCasual.com? Its a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in the multi-faceted restaurant and food sectors. The selection of topics which are covered by Fast Casual was too extensive so we asked Twitter, what they’d like to learn more about.

Food Truck Nation was an easy winner, winner, chicken dinner. Jenny had the opportunity to meet with Cherryh Cansler, Managing Editor of FastCasual.com. They talk about the ever growing food truck movement and how it could revolutionize Jenny’s smalltown baseball concession stand. Cherryh shares new technologies on the food scene (ie., Fresh Fruit/Veggie Smoothies) and the controversy behind kiosk ordering – think ATM machine meets McDonalds.

Time stamps:

  • 1:00 – What does Fast Casual mean?
  • 2:10 – How have food trucks changed the food scene? Even Arby’s has a food truck!
  • 3:03 – Making seafood sexy
  • 5:30 – Food trucks and baseball. The perfect match?
  • 6:40 – There are only so many hot dogs you can eat during a baseball season. Are you with me?
  • 7:30 – Food trucks are the new thing for wedding receptions!?
  • 7:51 – Jeremy Wolf
  • 9:04 – The Rock Stars of Social Media
  • 9:40 – New technologies for Fresh Fruit Smoothies
  • 10:55 – Great news! Food ordering kiosks are not putting people out of work
  • 12:08 – How has technology impacted mom and pop businesses?
  • 13:17 – Let’s talk about food waste – with smoothie and salad machines increase food waster?


Find additional information about today’s guest, CherryH Cansler, visit FoodTruckOperator.com

  • FastCasual.com
  • @CherryhFastCas on Twitter

Keeping Ag Real – How are children in urban areas learning about agriculture?

In the agriculture community, we often hear that someone needs to be teaching children about agriculture. In this segment around community gardens and urban farms, we discover that someone is educating children about agriculture. Listen to find out more.

Time stamps:

  • 1:50-Investing in urban communities & background on Natasha Nicholes’ community garden
  • 2:33-Her husband says hits the brakes…a little.
  • 3:00-The cost of soil testing in Chicago limits
  • 3:50-Harry Connick Jr. raises the bed bar
  • 5:10-Kids motivating parents through urban farming
  • 6:10-Storytime
  • 6:45-Natasha’s seven year old begins a kid edible garden program at the famous Morton Arboretum 
  • 8:20-Morton Arboretum features childrens’ garden
  • 9:15-We Sow We Grow Facebook group
  • 10:45-Correlation between urban agriculture farms and the education children are receiving
  • 15:18-Who are the people behind urban farms?
  • 15:45-The missed opportunity


Ontario AgCast – Bridgette Readel