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Ontario AgCast – Gender Equality – What’s all the fuss about?

Are Ag businesses and boards really led by gray haired white men?

Does the old boys club still exist?

This is an important conversation about gender equality not just in agriculture but in all industries.

Thanks to Jen Christie and Adrienne Ivey for having this conversation.

Future of Agriculture – Farm Economies of Scale with Lon Frahm of Frahm Farmland Inc

How does a 30,000-acre farm operate with just 9 employees?

Lon Frahm shares with Tim how he has grown his row crop operation to over 30,000 acres, and how he uses economies of scale such as self-insuring and storing his own grain, to develop advantages over other farmers.

Lon has a very impressive story. He took over his family’s farm upon his father’s death when he was just 28 years old. He has lead the operation to tremendous growth over the past 30 years and has experienced very little employee turnover.

Lon knows the value in keeping good people on the team, learning quicker than your competition, and networking with peers in the industry.

Whether you are a farmer, in agribusiness, or not in any related field, there are still some business gems in this episode.

Learn more about Frahm Farmland at http://www.frahmfarmland.com

Wall Street Journal Article Featuring Lon Frahm

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Brooke Doyle, chicks can sell equipment?

Brooke Doyle is a 24 year old equipment salesman that is shattering all the molds. She talks about dealing with farmers and ag social media.

her snapchat brooklynn-93

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The Farmer and the City Girl – Soldier to Farmer, Tom Conklin

Tom Conklin, has gone from landing jets on an aircraft carrier to raising wheat… and he loves it

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Grow Smart with BASF – Nobody talks and walks it like Twitter star, grain goddess and hot mess mom in ag Angie Setzer

She runs a grain trading operation, co-hosts the popular “Girls Talk Ag” podcast, wrangles a husband, a son and four dogs as a hot mess ag mom – and still has time to talk ag, and market grain. Buckle up for Angie Setzer.

Ontario AgCast – Aaron Law THE EMPOWERED FARMER

2:00 Farming near the Bay of Fundy – Tides, Whales and Chickens

6:10 How an engineer decides to be a farmer.

13:20 Egg Farmers of Canada. Doing good things around the world.

20:10 Conquering negative thinking and committing to your goals.


Future of Agriculture – The Zillow of Farmland with Terva CEO Steven Brockshus Final

Steven Brockshus is the CEO and Founder of TERVA, an online real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering farmland professionals with knowledge, insights, and data. They aim to build a marketplace not only to educate, but to also connect with people looking to buy and sell farmland. He aims to bring the agricultural real estate industry online to shift the industry and how people interact and think about farmland.


In this episode, Steven shares his story on how he started TERVA as well as the moments and people in his life that inspired him to do so. He talks about what it can do now and what it sets to do for farmers in the future, and why TERVA is a great resource for those planning to retire on the countryside.


“Disruption in the ag context is different than a disruption in a Silicon Valley or social media based business.”– Steven Brockshus


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What is TERVA, their vision, and mission?
  • How the startup company he interned with inspired him to create TERVA.
  • How being in the FFA made him a better business leader.
  • Who finds the most value in using TERVA?
  • The format people want when using TERVA.
  • Where do they plan to expand next?
  • How they convince potential investors.


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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jacques Beukes and the farmer murders


If neighboring farmers were being brutally murdered, would you stay? It’s a situation that farmers in South Africa are facing right now. Listen as Jacques Beukes talks about the horrible atrocities that he is witnessing.

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The Farmer and the City Girl – Rural vs. Urban government

In this episode, Lesley Kelley and Rob Sharkey are talking about how rural and city folks view political subjects differently

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Ontario AgCast – Lauren Benoit

1:00 Sandi thinks Lauren is great, Lauren thinks Sandi is great and Wendell is here too.

3:20 Wendell is just using Lauren to grow a millennial audience.

6:00 Tractors for Tots. What?

8:40 Becoming a weed scientist.

11:00 Learning the regulatory process. Hurdles and hoops.

14:00 Lauren has Grand Plan – and it includes solving herbicide resistance. Also water hemp.

15:30 Lauren confirms that Ontario’s weed problems usually come from Illinois.

19:00 Lauren explains why just publishing ONLY 3 manuscripts just wouldn’t be enough….

20:40 Wendell convinces Lauren that she is a science educator.

23:30 Starting a forum to provide accurate facts on farming. There is no finish line.

27:40 OK, Kevin Folta is amazing. And…. Wendell is still here.