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Future of Agriculture – Ag Data Transparency with Todd Janzen of Ag Data Transparent

Todd Janzen is an attorney whose practice covers the agricultural industry with the intent to represent farmers and their respective businesses. He is the President of Janzen Agricultural Law LLC, a law firm that specializes in the legal needs of an innovative agricultural industry. He also serves as the Administrator for Ag Data Transparent, a non-profit organization that aims to bring transparency, trust, and simplicity to ag tech contracts.

Todd joins me today to help bring awareness to the idea of data transparency in the agricultural industry. He shares his career journey, what inspired him to become an ag industry lawyer, and explains how data transparency can enable farmers to improve their systems and how they manage their farms. He also explains how companies can get involved, the processes they need to partake, and how he thinks this project can impact the industry as a whole.


“Farmers have a much easier time letting a complete stranger know what they’re doing on their farm than they would be letting their own neighbor know.” -Todd Janzen




This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Where Todd got his love for agriculture.
  • The risks that come with Ag Data and how to manage them.
  • Technologies that could be collecting data without us knowing.
  • The type of data farmers should be wary of sharing.
  • The processes involved to help farmers become certified.
  • Companies that will not find this type of service useful.
  • The big questions we still need to answer about Ag Data.


Key Takeaways:

  • With social media, people are much more tolerable of sharing private data.
  • We have to treat Ag Data with respect and diligence.


Connect with Todd Janzen:


2019 AgGrad 30 Under 30 

Help us celebrate the top 30 future leaders of agriculture! Nominate your favorite up-and-coming, future executives, innovators, and influencers in the following agriculture categories:

  • Agribusiness
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Nominations for the 2019 AgGrad 30 Under 30 list are now open and are scheduled to close Thursday, January 31, 2019, at 11:59 PM. Self-nominations are accepted.

Winners will be announced March 2019.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements, announcement date and location, and to nominate for the 2019 AgGrad 30 Under 30 list, visit: 30Under30.ag


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Shark Farmer Podcast – Janice Person is cottontastic

Janice Person could have gone a completely different route if it not for some nice farmers.

What the Farm Podcast – Master Chef Michael Allemeier

Michael Allemeier is only one of four Master Chefs in Canada. He talks to us about how meeting farmers changed his opinions on ingredients

Keeping Ag Real – Bayer & Monsanto, European food & agriculture

Kristin Reese, aka Local Farm Mom, has been my companion on a couple of recent adventures. In this episode, we share our experience exploring Europe’s food and agriculture, while also attending Bayer’s Future of Farming event – the first event since the acquisition of Monsanto.

Our journey through Switzerland taught us the importance of slowing down in life. In Germany we learn there are no speed limits & the Netherlands provided a one-of-a-kind event involving Dutch Cooking.

Take a listen to learn more.

Special thanks to Bayer for inviting Kristin and I to the Future of Farming event.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: I demand the right…. to REPAIR my farm equipment… I think? Part 2

In this two part series, Ray Bohacz explains why the agriculture community needs to take a lesson from the auto industry of 30 years ago to successfully lobby for this cause.

Idle Chatter Podcast – I demand the right…. to REPAIR my farm equipment… I think? Part 1

In this two part series, Ray Bohacz explains why the agriculture community needs to take a lesson from the auto industry of 30 years ago to successfully lobby for this cause.

Ontario AgCast – Andrea De Groot, Managing Director, Ontario Pork Industry Council

Andrea De Groot traded in a ruthless banker gig to head up the Ontario Pork Industry Council (OPIC) to help pork producers navigate the issues in the swine business. Sometime work/life balance is as simple as saying no and giving yourself permission to not bake cookies. Also, find out what sport is more Canadian than hockey. Hint – it’s like hockey, only nicer.


#agriculture #farming #rural #family #banking

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – YFC 4 Life

Tonight I’m heading up to Withnell in Lancashire to talk to marketing officer, freelance journalist, and Vice Chairman of Lancashire YFC, Alice Singleton @alicemay_sing

We start of by talking about her family farm, that her parents bought 12 years ago, and the herd of Angus & Hereford Cows they run there, before going on to talk about their exciting diversification project, a gin distillery! We talk about Cuckoo Gin in detail, including the local ingredients they use, and how sustainability is so important to the business (For more info: www.brindledistillery.co.uk ).

We talk about the various jobs she does, from being a full time Marketing Officer at Lancashire wildlife Trust, to trying to build up a freelance journalism and photography business, and what she enjoys most about the different roles. We also talk about rural crime, and how it’s affected her and her family recently, with two different break-ins at their farms.

Lastly, we talk in depth about her 13 year involvement in the Young Farmers Clubs, from a 12 year old new member, right on through to becoming Vice Chairman of Lancashire YFC, and winning the the prestigious NFYFC Member of the Year.

We go into what YFC means to her, and what she’s got out of it over the years, before we move on to discuss the recent controversial cancellation of the annual convention. We hear her opinions on the subject, and what she thinks might happen next.

All this and much, much more.

It was fantastic to talk to someone as articulate, passionate and enthusiastic as Alice for the podcast tonight, and hear her views on a wide range of subjects.

Check it out folks..



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Future of Agriculture – Nerding Out About Soil Health with Dr. Abbey Wick of North Dakota State University


In this episode we go full nerd on soil health with Dr. Abbey Wick of North Dakota State University

Shark Farmer Podcast – Mike Manion making his own way

From choosing his education to building his own farm… Mike Manion has carved his own way