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Shark Farmer Podcast – John Coggins hay to Nebraska

John Coggins is a welder from Kansas. Listen to how a trip up to Nebraska, to help flood victims, changed his life.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Ivor Cummins – Irish Heart Disease Awareness.

Can a growing global passion for lower carb / high nutrient-dense food boost demand for Irish grassfed produce? In this episode, Ivor Cummins, Chief Program Officer, IHDA outlines some context on this growing trend, along with perspectives on CVD risk-taking to better understand and optimise health.

* In the 90’s, Ivor completed a biochemical engineering degree, followed by 30 years spent in corporate technical leadership positions. His career specialty has been leading large worldwide teams in complex problem-solving activity. 

* Irish Heart Disease Awareness (IHDA.ie) is a charity established to raise awareness of heart disease, as a progressive, measurable and treatable disease, that can be detected by a simple calcification test.  

* The charity’s founder, David Bobbett, is also CEO and majority shareholder of H&K International, one of the world’s largest equipment suppliers to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. 

What the Farm Podcast – Henry Gordon-Smith vertical farming

Can a city be designed to feed itself? Henry Gordon-Smith is on the cutting edged of vertical farming. 

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Let’s keep being STRANGERS… that is to the inside of your engine!

Ray Bohacz explains how to never have to replace a head gasket

Ontario AgCast- Steve McCabe

This week on the Ontario AgCast, Steve McCabe talks to us about his new role as Executive Director of the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada, fly fishing and politics. Steve, craft beer and jeep aficionado, lends an interesting perspective on Canada’s role in agricultural technology and manufacturing- listen now!

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Norfolk to Paris, and back again

Tonight I’m heading across the country to Norfolk to talk to Farmer & former TV Presenter, Jeremy Buxton @EvesHill 

We talk about how he came to be living in Paris and presenting TV shows for EuroSport and the many amazing experiences he had, his return to the family farm and the reasons behind it, the changes he’s made since, including starting a herd of Hereford Cattle, agri tourism, and his struggles with mental health and why he thinks it’s important that we talk about it more as an industry. 

All this and much, much more.

Jeremy’s a brilliant guy, and it was fantastic to learn more about his journey. Check it out folks.. 

Future of Agriculture – U.S. Policy on Lab-Grown Meat with Scott Bennett of the American Farm Bureau Federation

Scott Bennett is the Director of Congressional Relations at the American Farm Bureau Federation, an independent, voluntary, non-government group that is headed by people who represent the best interests of farmers and their families in the US. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and Political Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Before joining the American Farm Bureau Federation, he was the legislative director for Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a House Agriculture Committee Senior member.

Scott joins me today to discuss the developments on lab-grown protein products and their potential benefits to the economy. He explains some of the political aspects of agriculture, particularly on its relationship with government entities. He also describes the differences between plant-based and lab-based proteins and shares his views for the future of lab-grown proteins as well as advice to those who want to support this idea.

“Five years ago, lab-grown protein was science fiction, but here we are faced with it today. It is the reality.” – Scott Bennett

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The significance of having a primary jurisdiction with USDA.
  • Policy differences between gene-edited livestock and cell-based meats.
  • His thoughts on the recent press release from the FDA.
  • Plant-based and lab-grown proteins and their key labeling differences.
  • How he sees this technology developing in five years.
  • Getting involved in the local government to pass the necessary laws for agtech.
  • How the public perceives lab-grown protein.
  • The biggest issues facing the current agricultural innovation landscape.

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Shark Farmer Podcast – Bree Hedger an arrow goes forward

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Finistere Ventures

In 2017, Finistere Ventures, a Californian-based firm, partnered with Ireland’s sovereign development fund (ISIF) to launch a €20m Ireland Agtech Fund (IAF), investing in emerging AgTech startups, to help stimulate growth and offer value across the Irish Agriculture and Food sectors. The Irish Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) also allocated a further €20m in Finistere’s second global agtech fund for global agri investment. Kieran Furlong, venture partner with Finistere Ventures provides an update on this exciting and innovative development.

What the Farm Podcast – Cara Harbstreet Intuitive Eating