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SharkFarmer Podcast: Amanda Freund Cowpots

Amanda Freund talks about her life changing experience traveling abroad for two years in the Peace Corps and how traveling off the farm opened her eyes to the simplicity of life in other cultures and the terrible hardships and challenges they face.

She shares about her Connecticut Dairy Farm and how they made the decision years ago to diversify within agriculture,  so their farm could stay viable during low milk prices, help stay compliant to possible regulations, and support many family members returning to work on the farm.

Their farm bakery, catering service, greenhouse, Cow Pots business, and dairy have this beautiful symbiotic relationship benefiting one another. Their Cow Pots business even captured the attention of the famous Mike Rowe, with “Dirty Jobs” filming an episode on their farm.

Her pride in Cabot Coop led to “friendly” smack talk as they “dished” member owned dairy cooperatives, ensuing a “battle Royale” between Cabot, Prairie Farms, and Tillamook.


What the Farm Podcast – Dr. Daniel P. Beckmann wants food local

Foodshed.io is an amazing idea that hooks local farmers up with businesses like restaurants and grocery stores. When foodshed.io is up and running in your area an app will take all the guess work out of logistics like coordinating a refrigerated truck that might be already passing by your farm that day.

This also allows grocery stores to offer fresher more local produce at a reasonable price.

For more podcasts that bridge the gap between consumers and farmers go to sharkfarmer.com and look up “What the Farm” under the podcast section.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Near death experience…how to find hope for your machinery after the floods

Listen to Ray’s timely advice on what to do after flood waters recede

Ontario AgCast- Patricia Chuey

This week on the Ontario AgCast-

Food and nutrition communications expert, Patricia Chuey, talks about her career as a renowned Canadian dietician and lends practical insight into fad diets and the 80 / 20 rule to healthy eating.

Future of Agriculture: Computer Vision for Herd Management at the 2-1-4-3 Approach with Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly is the Chief Executive Officer at Cainthus, a software company dedicated to helping farmers collect the necessary and critical information they need to manage their farms better. Cainthus’ current project involves the use of sensors that interpret visual information from various farm animals. He is also the author of 2-1-4-3, a book on growing your business. Before becoming Cainthus’ CIO, Aidan previously held the same position at Alltech, an agtech company which he served for over 28 years.

Aidan joins me today to share his current business venture and how this new company can help the farming industry as a whole. He discusses their current sensor project, its applications, and how it can improve farm efficiency. He also explains the overall theme of his book as well as what the title 2-1-4-3 means.

“Make it as honest and uncomfortable as you can be in terms of evaluating what your business really is today.” – Aidan Connolly

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Why Aidan left his previous company and the reason he founded Cainthus.
  • His current projects and how they make use of facial recognition tech on cows.
  • Using sensors in farms and the challenges in managing multiple species.
  • Solving “cow bullying” on dairy farms.
  • How sensors can help find solutions to problems in farming cattle.
  • Why he chose to focus on farm sensors instead of other technologies.
  • What he wants people to learn from reading his book.
  • The 2-1-4-3 approach explained and what to expect from his book.
  • Is investing in agtech a little too overhyped?

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SharkFarmer Podcast: Holly Spangler writes the story of ag

Holly Spangler has been writing the stories of agriculture for over 21 years. She talks about balancing work family and faith.

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Salt of the Earth Podcast – Apis Protect

Ireland has long valued the hive and the honey bee, as evidenced in the Bechbretha or ‘Bee Judgements’ texts, recorded under ancient Irish law or Brehon law, dating back to circa 6th century. Today, a new Irish tech start-up, is seeking to write a new page in history, in terms of food security within a global industry, responsible for providing 1/3rd of the food consumed in the world.

ApisProtect, a start-up co-founded by CEO, Fiona Edwards Murphy, a Cork-based electronics engineer, focused on the growing global problem of the stressed honey bee population. Her goal is to provide an IoT – bee monitoring service, utilising the latest sensor technology and machine learning, to help beekeepers reduce losses and increase productivity in their hives.

In this episode, ApisProtect Chair and co-founder, Andrew Wood recounts the story behind this innovative idea and the journey of discovery into the secret lives of bees.

What The Farm Podcast – Andrew Carter growing mushrooms

Andrew Carter started a company called Smallhold and is changing the way consumers look at buying mushrooms. Now, in grocery stores and restaurants around the Bronx, New York, you can walk in and see his self- contained growing units that he calls “small farms.” The idea is that stores and restaurants can grow their own mushrooms right on site. It is catching the consumers attention and cutting down on packaging and transportation/shipping costs. Andrew says this is just the beginning, that his growing concept can be used for other produce and hopes to expand across the country. Check out his website at www.Smallhold.com

To hear this podcast and other What the Farm Podcasts go to https://sharkfarmer.com/whatthefarm

Ontario AgCast- Stephanie Lee Stephenson

Stephanie Lee Stephenson has one of the most incredible stories you will ever hear.

Stephanie has worked in the film industry, equipment sales and most recently with her husband on their dairy farm. Her journey into agriculture is one you want to hear about. 

Sidebar: Stephanie has met the Littlest Hobo (Canadiana reference

Idle Chatter – Hot Rod Farmer: Drip, Drip, Drip …NO MORE! End the frustration of failed engine leak repairs.

Listen as Ray Bohacz explains the basics.