Ontario AgCast

Ontario AgCast – Vanessa and Matt Dirksen

The Dirksen’s – the definition of a family farm.


1:50 Every family needs an Opa.

4:30 Vanessa calls Wendell old.

7:00 An off-farm job can be a valuable learning experience.

10:20 If you are a John Deere fan, you might want to skip this part.

14:00 Tractor pulling – Boys and their toys.

18:30 Vanessa calls Matt dumb.

20:45 Breakfast on the Farm. Opening the doors.

26:45 Letting the kids pull you out of your comfort zone.


Breakfast on the Farm

Ontario AgCast – Bruce Sargent

If Dairy Farmers cost Maxime Bernier the leadership, then Bruce Sargent is the Dragon Slayer.

3:00 How to get farmers attention, by Maxime Bernier.

6:30 Recruiting members for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

8:45 Bruce does Max according to Dr Seuss.

13:40 I agree with The Donald….. said no successful CDN politician ever.

18:40 Bruce is a glass half full kind of guy.

24:00 You don’t have to be flashy to be a good leader.

28:10 Cartel, Cartel, Cartel.

Ontario AgCast – Tony Meekes


Did you ever wonder who makes all the cool apps that you use every day? Tony Meekes is putting his geek skills to use to create apps to help make farmers lives better.

Ontario AgCast – Sarah Jackson


This amazing single mom ended up taking over the family farm at 25 whether she was ready or not.

1:45 Sarah makes being a Ridgetown Westag sound pretty good.

4:00 Pheasants, Partridges and Quails Oh My!

7:00 Sarah and I discuss the bird and the…. well birds.

10:00 Between Sarah and Wendell, one of them is not afraid of birds.

14:00 Lots of birds fly, but not all birds fly Air Canada.

18:40 Suddenly making all the decisions. Questions you didn’t ask.

21:40 You don’t want to ask Sarah for the man of the house.

23:50 Between Scarlett and Wendell, one of them is not afraid of birds.

26:30 And….. SNAPCHAT!

Ontario Agcast – Kyle Wynette – Beer Farmer









1:45 Why would anyone move to Tavistock?

2:30 Still a better love story than Twilight.

5:30 Farming and raising a family.

7:00 Hops – outside the box farming.

10:30 Growing hops is harder than you might think.

14:00 Is a beer farmer a hippie or a hipster?

17:30 Darn dairy farmers making trouble again.

20:00 The airblaster creates a vortex. Of course.

22:00 No one told Kyle he was supposed to laugh at my jokes.

25:30 Local breweries support local farmers.

28:00 Hosting a hipster hop hoedown.

29:30 Nash Hops on Pop.

30:15 Apparently beer goes with everything.

Check out the Tavistock Hop Company here

Ontario AgCast – Sandi Brock

2:25 Growing up on a dairy farm in Paris – not a hostage situation.

4:15 I miss the 80’s…. said no one ever.

7:00 You don’t have to do what your parents do.

11:10 Poor Sandi. Alone with her sheep.

12:20 What’s a shepherd anyway?

14:45 Sheep birth control.

18:00 How Sandi picks her men.

20:30 Parity, not parody.

27:30 Wendell has a totally random thought. Big surprise.

31:30 Why does Mommy wear a tiara and drink during the day?

33:30 Facebook Live A.K.A Amy and Sandi behind the barn.

36:45 Sandi Brock – Sheepishly me.

Ontario AgCast – Robyn Walsh


Robyn Walsh is our Favorite Newfie. Now Bring on the Robot Overlords.

1:20 Milking cows and growing corn on the Rock.

4:10 Canadian history according to Wendell.

5:50 Robyn claims to be a triple threat. Pretty sure that means drama queen.

7:50 Robots and ruminants.

10:00 Robots never get hangovers. And they like to party!

12:00 Someone in Lely marketing is WAY into outer space.

13:00 #pooproomba #pooproomba #pooproomba #pooproomba

15:00 Technology – making cows lives better.

17:20 Starting a career in ag as a millennial woman.

23:00 Can Robyn teach Wendell to dance?

25:25 In Newfoundland, Newfie jokes are just jokes. Robyn shares her favorite.

Ontario AgCast – Timothy Caulfield

2:10 Never take advice from Gwenyth Paltrow on vaginal hygiene.

4:55 Yes, I know boys don’t have vaginas.

7:10 Vampire facial – ummm, it’s a thing.

9:40 Speaking up for science and trying weird stuff.

11:30 The science of pop culture.

14:30 The religion of Detox.

16:00 DIY home fecal transplant – it’s as disturbing as you are imagining.

17:45 Hate mail and fighting celebrities on-line.

22:20 Tim’s 6 tips for healthy living.

26:00 The best coffee in the world is in Alberta. Honestly.


Bonus – Quote something clever from this episode and tag @wdschumm on Twitter for a chance to win a copy of “Is Gwenyth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?”

Ontario AgCast – Terry Nuhn – Family Farms Support Family Businesses

0:30 Hay rules. Suck it corn and soybean growers.

1:50 When a mommy deer and a daddy elk love each other very, very much….

5:00 Family farm, family business.

7:30 Make hay when the sun shines.

11:00 Preservatives. Good or evil?

13:45 Vibrators and podcasts – not a good mix.

15:00 Making acid safe for you and me.

17:30 The hay industry gets no respect.

20:20 The Juice – CHICKS DIG IT!

22:20 Have hay, will travel.

26:40 Snowmobile radar runs. Drag racing Canadian style.


Ontario AgCast – Hans Weber Stonetown Cheese

It’s Canadian Dairy Expo week so we are talking cheese, cheese and cheese! Hans Weber brought his family to Canada from Switzerland and fills us in on milking cows and making award winning cheese on the same farm. Find out what booze goes best with different cheeses and what Swiss people do for fun. There may or may not be yodeling. http://www.stonetowncheese.com/