Ontario AgCast

Ontario AgCast – Talking Trade

Three shows in One.

Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts

Canadian Pork Council Public Relations Manager,  Gary Stordy

Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Jeff Leal



1:50 Governor Ricketts says nice things about Canada.

6:10 Modernizing NAFTA without disrupting trade.

7:40 Apparently Dairy is on the table.

10:20 Even the Governor appreciates at hotdog for a dollar.

11:40 Wendell introduces Gary Stordy as Gord. Sorry Garry.

20:20 Comparing notes on NAFTA.

22:30 Harmonizing food safety regulations.

24:30 Wendell gets Minister Leal’s intro right.

27:30 Renegotiating NAFTA – DO NO HARM!

31:20 Minister Leal schools Wendell on political history.

The Ontario AgCast – Jullia Schumm

What I did on my summer vacation. Corn, beans and cows.

Ontario AgCast – Kelly Daynard

Catching up with the new Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Ontario


2:30 Navigating all of the different organizations trying to help farmers.

4:40 Gathering consumer data and then deciding how to use it.

7:20 Wendell and Kelly tell tales about being a farm kid in the 70’s. Also Canadian TV shows.

10:40 WHAT???? Urbanites don’t think much about farmers?

13:10 Are we trying to ram our message down consumers throats?

17:00 Getting people invested takes more than facts and figures.

19:20 Taking a class trip with Kelly. All the cool kids are doing it.

22:30  Speak Up Training.

24:30 360° Virtual Tours – All the cool kids are doing it.

25:20 The Real Dirt On Farming and working with great partners like Wallenstein Feed and Supply.






Ontario AgCast – Gary and Sarah Brien

Father / Daughter Relationship Goals

1:10 A farm with some history.

4:00 Growing up in the shadow of Ridgetown College.

7:20 “Typical teenager” is what a Dad says when his kid was WILD!

10:30 Sarah can’t say “scrotal circumference” in front of her Dad.

15:40 Land prices and predators – not sheep friendly.

17:10 You show me your sheep. I’ll show you mine.

21:00 Wanna buy a sheep?

28:50 When Gary talks reason to a yuppie. Don’t try this at home.

29:40 When Gary destroys Sarah at trivia.

31:50 You’re going to want a tissue for this.



Ontario AgCast – Bob Hunsberger – Our Contract with Pigs


0:25 Pigs are good to us and we are good to pigs.

3:30 Finally someone Wendell can talk history with.

5:30 Free run pork and eggs before it was fashionable.

7:30 On attending “grade 14”

8:50 For some reason, Bob doesn’t believe Wendell wasn’t alive in 1968.

11:40 Better life for pigs, better life for farmer.

12:30 Why Ontario is a great place to produce pork.

14:30 OK, so Iowa can grow corn and pigs too.

15:10 Ontario farmers needs a strong meat packing industry.

18:10 A big idea for producer owned processing.

20:30 An idea becomes a packing plant.

23:00 Butchers care about animals too.

Ontario AgCast – Viren D’souza – Not a Robot

0:45 What kind of a name is Viren anyway?

3:40 Viren’s surprising childhood

6:00 Stranded in a strange country without his parents.

7:15 Being the only brown kid in grade 9.

10:15 Our own immigrant success story.

11:45 Viren’s TV career is tragically cut short.

12:30 Will pull teats for food.

15:30 Back to school – again.

17:40 Becoming a soldier of fortune.

19:30 Viren says robots are dumb… robots also had nothing good to say about Viren.

21:00 Viren questions recent life choices.

21:30 The Orkel MP2,000 – a heavy conversation.

25:50 Thinking outside the bale.

28:45 Viren does NOT expose himself on Twitter. Snapchat anyone?

31:30 @Milkabot’s rules to not be a dick on Twitter.




Ontario AgCast – Amanda Brodhagen – Beef Farmer / Power Woman

2:40 A beef farmer repping fruit and veggie growers. Covering both sides of the plate.

5:00 Fall Fair Ambassador is NOT the same thing as a Dairy Princess!

7:20 Amanda has a fancy way of saying she can’t plow straight…..

10:20 Canadian Cattlemen’s Young Leaders – the future of the beef industry.

15:50 Being a mentor means giving back to the industry.

17:30 Who didn’t guess that Amanda would be recognised as a “go getter”?

20:20 Some times it’s easier to ask (Jen Christie) for forgiveness than permission.

21:10 That time when being a farmer makes you strange and mysterious.

23:20 Who takes a beef farmer to a vegetarian restaurant????

28:00 Power woman or not, when Dad says shovel some s**t, you shovel some s**t.

32:10 Sometimes being a farmer means also working off the farm.

Ontario AgCast – Megan Veldman – Coveralls and Heels

1:20 Layers, Pullets and Crops

4:30 Twins Megan and Josh can read each other’s minds

5:50 Megan calls Josh dumb – with her mind.

6:50 This one time at horse camp…..

9:30 Sorry, no stories about showing chickens. Poultry Club don’t do that.

12:00 Hi. My name’s Megan and I’m an egg farmer.

13:30Unlike chocolate milk, brown eggs really DO come from brown chickens.

14:30But you don’t LOOK like an egg farmer or Megan strikes out with Vegan boys.

16:50 Wendell and Megan are from different demographics. Who knew?

18:45 Should Ag’s messaging to consumers be more outrageous?

21:30 Figuring out all of the different egg options. No wonder consumers are confused.

25:40 Chickens live inside cause foxes live outside.

26:50 Does Megan meet Tomboy criteria? Includes a man bun question.

27:40 Can one of Megan’s hockey team mates please confirm her total penalty minutes?




Ontario AgCast – Food Evolution – Alison Van Eenennaam is a Movie Star!


2:30 Sharing the spotlight with Neil Degrasse Tyson.

6:00 Alison and Wendell nerd out about dairy research.

7:50 Milking mice – teeny, tiny nipples.

10:00 The history of genetic engineering.

14:50 It’s easier to scare people than reassure them.

18:00 Why it takes a Hollywood type to tell a science story.

21:30 Who wouldn’t fan girl when meeting  Bill Nye?

25:30 Scaring parents to sell products.

30:40 Don’t bet against the science.

33:20 Why you probably won’t see this movie on Netflix.

36:30 Alison has a shot at being on a REAL podcast.

39:00 If research doesn`t get used, scientists will stop doing it.





Ontario AgCast – Matthew Pot – Making Commodity Markets Interesting

1:30 Growing up on a dairy farm – Wine isn’t the only great drink they produce in Niagara.

2:55 Is brick a soil type?

6:20 High school Matt was not a nerd. That happened later.

9:10 Commodity markets and chess – both require deep thought.

14:40 Matt claims he is NEVER wrong.

16:30 Wizards, Frogs and Toads – just another market report.

19:15 Weather, interest rates, Donald Trump – What are things that move the market, Alex.

21:45 Sorting through the news before it’s news.

25:00 Normal? What economist doesn’t play Monopoly?