Ontario AgCast

Ontario AgCast – Dave McEachren

Cover Crops, Fire Trucks and John Deeres


8:00 Dave says “Moldboard plows are STUPID”

20:00 Balancing farming, family and volunteering.

23:30 Being a fire fighter is more than “Put the wet stuff on the red stuff”

27:20 Fire fighters looking out for each other. Mental health is as important as physical health.

35:20 Dave schools Wendell on John Deere trivia.



Ontario AgCast – Gender Equality – What’s all the fuss about?

Are Ag businesses and boards really led by gray haired white men?

Does the old boys club still exist?

This is an important conversation about gender equality not just in agriculture but in all industries.

Thanks to Jen Christie and Adrienne Ivey for having this conversation.

Ontario AgCast – Aaron Law THE EMPOWERED FARMER

2:00 Farming near the Bay of Fundy – Tides, Whales and Chickens

6:10 How an engineer decides to be a farmer.

13:20 Egg Farmers of Canada. Doing good things around the world.

20:10 Conquering negative thinking and committing to your goals.


Ontario AgCast – Lauren Benoit

1:00 Sandi thinks Lauren is great, Lauren thinks Sandi is great and Wendell is here too.

3:20 Wendell is just using Lauren to grow a millennial audience.

6:00 Tractors for Tots. What?

8:40 Becoming a weed scientist.

11:00 Learning the regulatory process. Hurdles and hoops.

14:00 Lauren has Grand Plan – and it includes solving herbicide resistance. Also water hemp.

15:30 Lauren confirms that Ontario’s weed problems usually come from Illinois.

19:00 Lauren explains why just publishing ONLY 3 manuscripts just wouldn’t be enough….

20:40 Wendell convinces Lauren that she is a science educator.

23:30 Starting a forum to provide accurate facts on farming. There is no finish line.

27:40 OK, Kevin Folta is amazing. And…. Wendell is still here.

Ontario AgCast – Neal Carter ARCTIC APPLES

1:30 Canada’s West Coast – oceans, mountains, apples.
3:20 The Okanagan Valley likes their wine now too.
5:00 Working overseas. Maize to mangos.
8:00 The early days of  biotechnology.
10:00 How do we get people to eat more apples. “If an apple a day is good, two is better”???
13:10 Genetic engineering – Frankenfood or precise breeding tool?
17:20 A project 20 years in the making. Neal is a grinder.
20:20 When 40% of your product gets wasted, you look for solutions.
22:20 Someday our grandkids will ask “Do you remember when apples used to go brown?”
25:30 Selling consumers on GMOs when the benefits are ALL theirs.
27:00 Arctic Apples will be in stores soon. Neal won’t tell us where.


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Ontario AgCast – Russell Gammon

How You Earn the Nickname Mr Jersey


0:55 A big, long name that really means “that Jersey Guy”

4:00 Dairy genetics have come a long way since disco.

5:40 Genomics – Who’s your daddy?

7:45 CRISPR – Custom build dairy cows?

11:30 Celebrating a dairy win, win.

14:30 Teaching in Haiti turns into a learning experience.

18:00 It’s true. Wendell has a big hammer.

21:00 First world egos.

23:30 Yes. Everyone loves Andrew Campbell.


30:00 Russell makes a big announcement.

Ontario AgCast – Besnik Sulemanovzki

Taxes Suck…. so get an Awesome Accountant.

1:30 From a downtown high-rise to farm kitchen table.

5:50 Family business – clients you can get to know.

7:45 Not exactly sure what Besnik does and that’s just the way he likes it.

10:30 Legitimate tax strategies, or as the Liberals call them, Loopholes.

13:20 Justin Trudeau – champion of the middle class? Lol.

15:50 Revenue Canada questions if family members contribute to the family farm.

18:50 Small business succession planning. Surprise! You’re screwed.

24:15 Ever feel like someone made a mistake and is afraid to admit it? Me too.

26:00 And…. Wendell solves the deficit.

Ontario AgCast – Jenn Pfenning

Migrant Farm Workers Are An Important Part of Our Rural Communities.

Jenn lets us in on the great baby carrot scam and explains that their temporary foreign agriculture workers are family.


Check out Pfenning’s Organic Farm on the Web



Ontario AgCast – Brett Myers, S**thaven Farms

1:10 What do you mean you’ve never heard of Punkydoodles Corner?

2:30 Things Holstein Canada WON’T let you name your cows.

4:30 Brett’s in the business of making milk. Period.

8:45 Family Farming ups and downs.

13:30 Supply Management, yes or no?

15:20 Brett has figured out Victoria’s Secrets.

18:00 Succession planning – you won’t have to drag Brett out kicking and screaming.

21:30 So…. What’s worse – Margaritas  or Crocks?

24:40 Hey!!! I ask the questions here.

Ontario AgCast – Natalie and Matthew from GFO

Grain Farmers of Ontario Mad Scientists – Natalie DiMeo and Matthew Czerwinksi


0:25 Scientists are interesting and informative. No, really, they are.

7:55 Doing research that matters to farmers.

14:50 If research is done in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?

17:10 Natalie sucks at Christmas gifts.

21:00 Thorough research involves beer. No, really, it does.

22:30 Natalie “I caught a fish THIS big…”

25:00 Effectively communicating scientific results.