Ontario AgCast

Ontario AgCast – Mel Luymes

Talking with Mel Luymes about experiencing different cultures, understanding both sides of an issue and saving the world makes me feel like I should be trying harder. Also old.

Ontario AgCast – Bridgette Readel

Ontario AgCast – Carson Wagner

Carson Wagner on robots, wrappers and Junior Farmers.

Ontario AgCast – Where’s Wendell?

Sandi and Christine turn the tables and interview Wendell. Asking questions from #AgTwitter

2:26 Wendell has control issues
13:32 Wendell thinks 87% isn’t a good grade
15:25 Wendell compliments us!
21:45 Wendell explains what scrotal circumference means to him
28:25 Wendell could be in a Colgate commercial

Ontario AgCast – Julaine Treur

What better way to start FebruDairy than with BC dairy farmer Julaine Treur? Creekside Dairy is organic, but Julaine won’t tolerate misleading marketing tactics like those used by Stonyfield Organics. Organic / Conventional, Canadian / American, in agriculture, we are all on the same team.

Ontario AgCast – Sarah Sheppard

At age six, Sarah Sheppard decided she loves chickens. Now, she works with chickens, reads about chickens, jokes about chickens, but it’s when she tweets about chickens, that things get really crazy. You might say it was the cluck heard round the web.

Ontario AgCast – Jonathan Lamb

Jonathan Lamb is a partner in Lamb Farms and Oakfield Corners Dairy. We talk cows, genomics and employees. This is a great example where “big” and “family” go together in more ways than one. Jonathan will be in Ontario speaking at the Wallenstein Feed and Supply Dairy Producer Meeting on January 31.

Ontario AgCast – Jes Oelschlagal

For all our talk about letting consumers see how their food is produced, there’s one part of the process that has remained hidden from public view. A third generation butcher, Jes Oelschlagal wants to change that and help educate people on why the job of ending an animals life is noble and important. I think it’s safe to say we don’t pull ant punches with this one.  Check out the True Transparency Project for more info.





Ontario AgCast – Dr Kelly Barratt

Kelly is totally fine if you call her a Lady Vet, but please don’t call her a Horse Person. However, if you have a sick cow, goat or horse, she can help. Maybe not Alpacas…..

Ontario AgCast – Matt McIntosh

The Real Dirt On Farming – Good facts and good vibes.


1:00 Not everyone can get away with a kilt.

5:00 Matt’s big, little brother.

10:00 An introvert and a deep thinker.

13:00 The Real Dirt On Farming – a worthwhile cause.

22:30 Why can’t we play dirty? Wendell goes on a rant.

34:00 Matt has a band. No idea what it’s called.