Ontario AgCast

OntarioAgCast – Cody Creelman, Disruptor Cow Vet

Cody Creelman, Disruptor Cow Vet on life changes, keeping up in the digital world and jumping in with both feet.

Visit Cody’s website here codycreelman.com

Ontario AgCast- Jamie Waldron

Jamie Waldron is passionate about the art of butchery, and owns a ‘roaving butchery enterprise’, where he teaches the art throughout the province of Ontario.

Jamie has worked at some of the top butcher shops in Canada, helped craft menus and meat programs for restaurant groups, consulted for butcher shops, and has worked with and for abattoirs in Ontario.

In 2013, he wrote the Home Butchering Handbook. It covers all aspects of traditional meat cutting, from whole carcass to usable cuts.

Ontario AgCast- Antony John

Antony John (AKA “The Manic Organic”) and his wife Tina own and operate Soiled Reputation, an organic farm near Stratford, Ontario. Soiled Reputation supplies high end Southwestern Ontario restaurants with fresh produce, including the best carrots you’ve ever tasted. 

Antony has long balanced artistic expression with farming, in fact, he’s even had his own Food Network cooking show, which aimed to bridge the gap between food and farming.

Ontario AgCast- Tamar Haspel

Can we have a public conversation about agriculture that isn’t polarized, vitriolic and, ultimately, counterproductive?

Maybe, just maybe.

Here’s a place to start. Tamar Haspel is a journalist and Oyster Farmer, who’s been on the food and science beat for almost 20 years.

She writes the James Beard award-winning Washington Post column, Unearthed, which covers food supply issues, and contributes to National Geographic, Discover, and Edible Cape Cod.

Ontario AgCast- Sally Smith-Pelleboer

Some people bring baggage to a marriage, Sally Smith-Pelleboer brought a herd of beef cows.

Sally talks about dairy and beef farming in the heart of Oxford County. Her love of farming, family and cows is infectious- listen now!

Ontario AgCast- Deb Stark

Deb Stark is a trailblazer.  Deb has had a fascinating career, and continues to give back to Ontario agriculture by serving on several prominent boards, and mentoring the next generation of ag leaders. Deb was deputy minister in the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. She held several senior positions in government including chief veterinarian for Ontario and assistant deputy minister of environment.

Ontario AgCast- Sally Van Straaten

Sally Van Straaten balances a busy life; family, work and making a contribution to Ontario agriculture. Sally, along with her husband Mike and their four children, is an egg and grain farmer from Stratford, Ontario. Listen as Sally talks about her important role on her family’s farm, and her decision to speak up on behalf of agriculture and the evolving role and recognition of women in ag.

Ontario AgCast – Bloyce Thompson

Breeding a Million Dollar Cow

Did you know that some of the world’s best Holstein cows come from Canada’s smallest province? Bloyce Thompson, owner of Eastside Holsteins in Prince Edward Island has a long list of accomplishments that are proof of this. We talk about breeding a million dollar cow, becoming a Master Breeder and how he, as a rookie politician defeated the sitting Premiere of PEI to become the newest Minister of Agriculture.  Also, if you have never heard of a “cow glamour shot”, you are in for a treat.

Ontario AgCast- Patricia Chuey

This week on the Ontario AgCast-

Food and nutrition communications expert, Patricia Chuey, talks about her career as a renowned Canadian dietician and lends practical insight into fad diets and the 80 / 20 rule to healthy eating.

Ontario AgCast- Stephanie Lee Stephenson

Stephanie Lee Stephenson has one of the most incredible stories you will ever hear.

Stephanie has worked in the film industry, equipment sales and most recently with her husband on their dairy farm. Her journey into agriculture is one you want to hear about. 

Sidebar: Stephanie has met the Littlest Hobo (Canadiana reference