Girls Talk Ag Podcast

Girls Talk Ag – Where Da Hell Did January Go??

The girls talk about what’s happened during their 6 week hiatus from the podcasting world. Sick kids, travel, snowmobiling. Life has been rough for more than one member of the GTA crowd.

Girls Talk Ag – Go Fund Yourself

The girls talk crowd funding in agriculture.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – HoHoHo Part 1

It’s Christmas time! The girls talk gift ideas, traditions and their favorite part of the season.

Girls Talk Ag – Not Dying of Dysentery on the Ag Oregon Trail

The girls chat with Pam Smith, one of the original women in ag. Talking Title IX, what it meant to be in FFA, roadkill and life with deadlines.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – You Can’t Be in Our Club: Talking Women in Ag Groups

The girls tackle the recent controversy brewing over women involvement when it comes to agriculture boards, whether they’re welcome to do so, or if they’re spending more time attending conferences and being a part of groups that are just for them instead.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – Will Work for Money: Searching for a Job in Today’s Ag Economy

The girls chat with Casey Campbell, who is not only Jen’s daughter but a soon to be graduate from Iowa State. Casey talks about what college is like, why she chose ISU and what life is like now that she’s searching for a job but struggling to find the right fit.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – Tellers of Fortune, Forecasters of Weather

The girls talk to Michael Clark with Bam weather. They chat about this year on ag Twitter, the good, the bad and the ugly as well as touch on what to expect this winter for both the North and South hemisphere.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – It’s All About Farm Safety, Yo

The girls chat about what it takes to be safe on the farm, from having a buddy to always using protection. The safety czar joins in to ensure you make it through the harvest season and every season safe and sound.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – A Farmer’s Wife’s Life: Being Mrs McDaniel


Julie McDaniel, otherwise known as Mrs. Jerod McDaniel talks about what it takes to be a farmer, rancher, mother of 6 and wife to Jerod this week. The girls also touch on respect, making some time for yourself and what it takes to make an awesome marriage a reality.

Girls Talk Ag Podcast – Married to a Hot Mess: The Chris Campbell Story

Jen’s husband Chris joins Karen and Angie to talk about what it’s like to be married to a hot mess. Also taking the time to touch on why he started farming, the best part of the industry as well as giving advice to the younger generation. Of course he explains his side of all those poison control calls too.