FRAN welcomes Idle Chatter to its podcast line up

The Farm and Rural Ag Network is excited to announce the addition of the Idle Chatter Podcast to its podcast portfolio. Idle Chatter is a podcast dedicated to being the source for farmers to learn about their equipment. As host Ray Bohacz says, “I believe that success on the farm is a three-legged stool: agronomy, business and machinery. Great decisions in the first two areas will be lost by poor choices in the farm shop.”

Ray Bohacz is not only a farmer but he brings a lot of experience to the field of machinery being a recognized technical writer and TV personality in both the agricultural machinery and automotive fields. He has authored and published three technical books, has over 3,000 published articles and has contributed to 44 different magazine titles. He is also a technical trainer and has delivered a wide range of programs to a varied audience.

Idle Chatter is a weekly podcast which focuses on many different topics involving farm machinery from technical aspects of machinery operation such as simple steps to decrease equipment failure and downtime and farm shop forensics to issues facing the industry such as your right to fix your own equipment.

“We are excited to welcome Idle Chatter to our growing list of FRAN podcasters. We think our audience will enjoy Ray’s unique perspective on issues related to farm machinery,” says Tim Hammerich, co-founder of FRAN.

Idle Chatter will be available every Friday on the Farm and Rural Ag Network.

FRAN Website update

As some may have noticed we stopped posting individual podcast episodes as they were released. Starting October 8th we will return to posting individual episodes moving forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Podcasts – The Perfect Companion to Long Seeding Hours

With seeding season comes long hours spent in the tractor. Did you know podcasts can fit seamlessly into your routine and provide hours of entertainment and learning while you work?

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are a form of on demand audio broadcasting; much like a favorite talk radio show but available when and where you want. Typically, podcasts are available as a series with new episodes released on a schedule. The on-demand, mobile format, and the hands-free nature of podcasts are unmatched by radio or print. These benefits make podcasts a perfect fit for a farmer’s lifestyle.

Podcast shows can range from funny entertainment to informative and inspiring.  Sometimes all within the same episode. Podcasts are individually hosted and produced so each podcast comes with its own style, perspective or goal. This allows podcasts, even within a specialized field such as Agriculture, to bring a unique voice or angle to the subject. Podcasts allow you to listen to stories, experiences and knowledge directly from people you may never have the chance to meet. They allow you to connect with people not only across the country but internationally as well. With podcasts you can learn first hand through the words of other farmers providing you with new and unique perspectives and ideas.

How to listen to Podcasts?

Podcasts can be enjoyed through various online or mobile app methods such as:

  • the Podcast website
  • itunes
  • the “Podcasts” app on iphone or ipad
  • Podcast apps such as Podbean (instructions on how to use Podbean mobile app is below).

Once you have found a podcast you enjoy, listening to them is a simple as listening to music. Play, pause and restart according to your schedule in any location. Once you subscribe to your favorite channel new episodes can be brought to your attention either by notification or automatic download. Automatically downloading episodes means you will always have a number of podcasts to listen to whenever you need. A downloaded episode is stored on your device which means you can still listen to it in those fields where cell phone or radio signals are limited to non-existent.

Where do I find good Podcasts on Agriculture?

Once you are set up to listen to podcasts the next step is finding good podcasts to listen to. A quick google search or use of your app’s discover section can overwhelm you with choices even when you narrow it down to a subject. This is where the Farm and Rural Ag Network (FRAN) comes to your aid. FRAN has curated a group of Agriculture related podcasts into one spot. By following or subscribing to the FRAN podcast channel you will have direct access to some of the top podcasts in Agriculture covering everything from personal experiences of farmers to biotechnology and technical subjects such as block chains in Agriculture. With numerous episodes available weekly the long hours in the tractor will fly by.


How to download Podbean app to listen to FRAN podcasts anywhere:

PDF on Podbean Download

Glitter Beard Challenge for P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA

We at the Farm and Rural Network love nothing more than good deeds with the reward of embarrassing Rob Sharkey!

Behold the Glitter Beard Challenge!

We will be accepting donations for P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA. If we exceed the goal Mr. Sharkfarmer Podcast will have to get the glitter beard treatment and post the results on twitter for all to enjoy. Not only will we get to enjoy the look but we’ll have the bonus of knowing Rob will find glitter for years after this.

Our fundraising recipient for this challenge is P.H.A.R.M Dog USA.

The goal of P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA (Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri) is to provide trained service or herding dogs to farmers and their family members with disabilities. Those eligible for services may have any type of disability — physical, cognitive, or illness-related. Dogs can be placed in States outside of Missouri.

P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA trains and places dogs in two categories:
Service Skill dogs are trained to do a variety of assistance tasks such as retrieving or picking up dropped tools, opening a latch gate system, or carrying buckets. These lab or lab mixes can also assist in physical tasks such as standing and bracing if a farmer has stability issues, or going for help. Jackie Allenbrand determines the needs of prospective clients, makes farm assessments, and facilitates placement of the dogs. She and another trainer handle the training for the dogs and their new owners.

Herding Dogs, primarily border collies, help farmers manage their livestock. These dogs are currently donated by a friend and supporter of P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA in Plattsburg, Missouri, who helps train both the dogs and farmers.  P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA also has a trainer in Packwood, Iowa.

P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA is funded through small grants and public donations. All the dogs are trained by farmers on the farm. Costs to deliver a trained dog run between $2500 and $4000 depending on the dog’s job. These costs cover spay/neuter, health care, food,  hours of training,  travel for farm assessment and deliver, etc. Because training gets slowed down in Missouri winters one of their goals is to have a training center.

Please check out their gallery page to see some of the farmers and dogs – Click Here

If we raise $2500 by December 20, 2017 Rob Sharkey has to post a glorious Glitter Beard for all to see.

Click here to donate