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Shark Farmer Podcast – Craig Hickman NZ farmer

Is farming a birthright?

Listen as I talk to Craig Hickman about how he became an equity owner in his dairy, even though he didn’t come from a farm family

What the Farm Podcast – Jack Sintic the future is interested in ag

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Call the police…someone stole my throttle cable!

What you need to know about drive-by-wire throttle control.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – AI for Precision Ag Decision Support with Anastasia Volkova of FluroSat

What the Farm Podcast – Kim Salerno ag social media

Ag Tech So What Podcast logo

AgTech…So What Podcast – Victor Friedberg on Systems Investing and Transition from Commodity

There aren’t very many Venture Capital funds focused on food systems transformation, but today’s guest co-founded one of them. Victor Friedberg is the co-founder of S2G ventures, a Chicago-based firm that has backed companies across the ag and food industries such as Beyond Meat, Maple Hill Creamery, X, and Y. Victor is also the founder of Foodshot Global, a non-profit consortium of companies focused on creating a food system that’s more healthy, sustainable, and equitable.

Victor’s background is as a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, where he built one of the early social networks and raised money from corporates like Motorola and Venture Capital firms. But now Victor is interested in helping revolutionize the food system, bringing technology, systems thinking, and capital to support game changing innovations.

In this episode, Victor and I chat about a range of things, from how he became interested in the food system (hint: it involves a vacation), to the opportunities he sees for farmers as more technologies and new business models challenge the status quo of the current system.

He also shares a story about the intersection of new technologies and established practices. You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the story, but here’s the result 🙂

victor amish photo.jpg

To learn more about Victor and what he’s up to, check out these additional resources:

Shark Farmer Podcast – Kylie Epperson rising from ashes

Imagine investing everything into something on your farm… only to see it go up in flames.
Listen to Kylie Epperson talk about her views on farming and more.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Thomson & Joseph

David Atherton, CEO of Thomson & Joseph, a UK-based dairy nutritionist and soils expert, provides some background to an intriguing soil-improvement programme that he has helped pioneer.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Better under pressure… your farm tires that is.

Learn how your tires are the key to soil health.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Bringing People to the Table to Innovate in Animal Agriculture with Kerryann Kocher

Kerryann Cocher is a Principal at Rock Road Consulting, a practice that focuses on improving the translation of science and technology into something that will give value to farmers, ranchers, and other producers. Kerryann specializes in helping struggling ag businesses to be competitive again by providing re-engineering solutions. She is also an expert on animal health, feed ingredients, and protein production.

Kerryann joins me today to share the various opportunities and untapped potential in animal agriculture. She describes the challenges that the animal agriculture industry currently faces and the solutions she proposes to resolve these issues. She also explains how she brings people to the table to innovate in animal agriculture and why she remains motivated about the success of the animal agriculture industry.

“It’s more than a choice to play in ag; it’s a lifelong commitment.” – Kerryann Kocher

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The jump she made from working in the corporate environment to starting a company of her own.
  • Practical problems she helps her clients address.
  • The reason behind the lack of innovation regarding animal health.
  • How to make the animal agriculture industry more innovative to catch up with the competition.
  • Areas of agriculture that are more at risk than others.
  • How dietary changes can affect the meat and dairy industry.
  • The conversations she’s had with industry professionals about the future of protein.
  • Why she remains motivated in the success of the animal ag industry.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Kerryann Kocher:

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