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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Matt Chambers shares his families stuggles

Matt Chambers is a farmer from Iowa that talks about an accident that changed his family for ever. It’s an heartbreaking story, but you wont believe what happens at the 40 minute mark.

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Grow Smart Podcast with BASF – Rockin’ Ag Like A Mother

Ag moms rock! Hear how Meredith Bernard went from corporate to cattle. She’s at her happiest balancing family and farming.

The Farmer and the City Girl – (NSFW) #Agvocates Part 2 No Ranting

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about how bloggers and marketers have taken the word and turned it into a title rather than an advocacy strategy.


The Farmer and the City Girl – (NSFW) #Agvocates Part 1 Rant

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about how bloggers and marketers have taken the word and turned it into a title rather than an advocacy strategy.

Ontario Agcast – Kyle Wynette – Beer Farmer









1:45 Why would anyone move to Tavistock?

2:30 Still a better love story than Twilight.

5:30 Farming and raising a family.

7:00 Hops – outside the box farming.

10:30 Growing hops is harder than you might think.

14:00 Is a beer farmer a hippie or a hipster?

17:30 Darn dairy farmers making trouble again.

20:00 The airblaster creates a vortex. Of course.

22:00 No one told Kyle he was supposed to laugh at my jokes.

25:30 Local breweries support local farmers.

28:00 Hosting a hipster hop hoedown.

29:30 Nash Hops on Pop.

30:15 Apparently beer goes with everything.

Check out the Tavistock Hop Company here

Future of Agriculture – Our Role In Ag Education with Hope Floeck of Hope Floeck Consulting


Today’s guest, Hope Floeck of Hope Floeck Consulting, grew up on a farm in East Texas. She went to Texas Tech University where she received her undergraduate degree in agricultural economics and her graduate degree in agriculture. For 20 years, she worked with a food processing organization where she handled food assistance and food policy, both here and abroad. Not so long ago, Hope decided to establish her consulting company with the goal of helping individuals and organizations understand the programming of agriculture and how they can get involved.

On today’s episode, Hope talks about how people found out about her newly established business. She points out the importance of developing long-term relationships in the past that helped disseminate the news of her new venture by word of mouth. Hope also elaborates on the things people can do to take a more active role in agriculture and discusses the reasons why people in agricultural businesses are willing to fund agricultural education.


“From the years of my research days, from being involved in food processing and international food aid policy, which also branch over into ag policy, I feel that I could really bring some value to helping some folks.” – Hope Floeck


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The story that prompted Hope to post big agricultural questions on Twitter
  • Type of responses Hope got from the Twitter thread she started
  • The varied responses of people from the different walks of life with the same point that there should be more funding for agricultural education
  • One of the compelling answers that had Hope thinking where she eventually ended up with more questions in mind

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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Rachael Spangelo is the Queen of TwoDots

Rachael Spangelo is the Queen of TwoDots Montana… I guess

Listen to her incredible story about protecting her daughter.

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Time stamps:

6:33     2 dots Montana

14:48    hand up a bison butt

27:46    direct to consumer beef

32:07    her mini me

36:30    immigration, gangs, and escaping danger

The Farmer and the City Girl Podcast – Gadgets and Indoor Gardens

“The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 016 – “Gadgets and Indoor Gardens”

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about what they think are the coolest gadgets that apply to farming.

Rob talks about using satellite imagery to help farmers scout their crops

Carrie is fascinated with watering vegetables over her phone with a Fibonacci.



What are your top tech picks???


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Grow Smart With BASF Podcast – Rice Rice Baby

Rice farming in the Arkansas Delta, socialism, Ernest Hemingway, duck hunting – and Donnarie rapping. Yep, it’s all here.

Ontario AgCast – Sandi Brock

2:25 Growing up on a dairy farm in Paris – not a hostage situation.

4:15 I miss the 80’s…. said no one ever.

7:00 You don’t have to do what your parents do.

11:10 Poor Sandi. Alone with her sheep.

12:20 What’s a shepherd anyway?

14:45 Sheep birth control.

18:00 How Sandi picks her men.

20:30 Parity, not parody.

27:30 Wendell has a totally random thought. Big surprise.

31:30 Why does Mommy wear a tiara and drink during the day?

33:30 Facebook Live A.K.A Amy and Sandi behind the barn.

36:45 Sandi Brock – Sheepishly me.