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What the Farm Podcast – Canadian Food Label Warnings

Canada is aboot to go label crazy on their food. We talk this over with Andrew Campbell

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – The Future for Food and Farming

Tonight, for this very special Rock and Roll Farming Podcast I head down to Westminster in London to talk to DEFRA Secretary of State Michael Gove about their consultation paper ‘Health and Harmony: the future for food and farming and the environment in a green brexit’, and why it’s absolutely vital that working farmers respond.


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Ontario AgCast – Teresa Van Ray

How would you like a pig farm 10 minutes from Ontario’s hottest summer beach destination? Most farmers hate fighting cottage traffic, but Teresa Van Ray and her family are firm believers in “If you can’t beat em, join em.” Their on-farm store, The Whole Pig, sparks some interesting conversations with their customers and adding 30 acres of garlic to their operation leads to some fairly obvious honey, garlic ribs jokes. Well, obvious to Wendell…

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – No tiller, all killer

Tonight I’m heading down to Overbury Farms on the Worcestershire/ Gloucestershire border to talk to Farm Manager Jake Freestone @No1FarmerJake

We hear about the 1600ha mixed farm that he manages, that’s been in the same family since 1722, and the wide range of soil types, conditions, crops, and enterprises that they have going on there.

We discuss Jake’s non-farming background, and how he caught the bug initially helping out on his Godfather’s dairy farm in Bedfordshire, and how from then on he wasn’t going to do anything else but farm. We find out how he eventually ended up at Overbury, after stints at Seale Hayne Agricultural College and several different farms and estates, gaining a wide range of experience in different roles.

We hear what crops they were growing when he arrived, and what system they were using then, before moving on to discuss the impact of his Nuffield Scholarship and what he learned from innovative farmers around the World using a zero-tillage system, and his ‘light-bulb’ moment in Oklahoma.

We then discuss at length how he’s set about drastically changing the tillage system at Overbury; from the cross slot drill they use, to both cover and companion crops, and the huge environmental and cost benefit they’ve seen since making the change.

We also talk about his passion for sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated through his experience with the system with other farmers, and also his blog, harvest diary, and social media, and why he feels that showing what they do on the farm is important.

All this and much, much more.

Jake’s one of the brightest and best farmers in the UK, and it was a genuine pleasure to hear more about the pioneering work he’s doing with environmental farming.

Check it out folks..

Future of Agriculture – Evidence-Based Agriculture and Defining Sustainability with Marc Brazeau of Food and Farm Discussion Lab

Marc Brazeau is the Chief Organizer and Editor at Food and Farm Discussion Lab, a food system think tank and online magazine for people within the agriculture industry to share evidence-based solutions, ideas, and concepts related to sustainable agriculture, hunger and food security, and public health and nutrition concerns. With previous experience as a chef and restaurant owner as well as organizing unions within the agriculture space, he brings a unique perspective to the food-to-table movement. He is passionate about helping others form their opinions regarding agricultural issues based on evidence, science, and facts.

Marc joins me today to share how he became interested in evidence-based agriculture concerns, what inspired him to create the Food and Farm Discussion Lab, and how his views of food sustainability have evolved. He explains the variables that affect the global sustainability of food, why he believes scalability is a critical factor to consider when addressing food sustainability matters, and the issues that he believes have become over-hyped within the industry.


“If you’re not dealing with corn, soy, wheat, forage crops, or meat, then you’re not really having a serious conversation about sustainability.” – Marc Brazeau


This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • What inspired him to start the Food and Farm Discussion Lab.
  • The pivotal moment that lead him to begin searching for evidence-based information regarding sustainability issues in agriculture.
  • How agriculture professionals currently view the term “sustainability” and how we should transition to more productive views.
  • The variables that create the most impact on the global food sustainability crisis.
  • Why corn, soy, wheat, meat, and forage crops are critical to the overall scalability factor of food sustainability.
  • Over-hyped technologies and initiatives within the agriculture industry related to food sustainability.
  • How his views and opinions regarding food sustainability have evolved since starting the Food and Farm Discussion Lab.


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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jessie Alt, Cussing Pumpkins

Jessie Alt works for a big seed company, Her husband works for another… and she writes cuss words on pumpkins

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Rock and Roll Farming Pocast – A Great British Beef Week Special

Tonight for this Rock & Roll Farming Special, I head down to Exeter in Devon to talk to Farmer, and co-founder of Ladies in Beef, Jilly Greed, to hear all about Great British Beef Week (April 23rd – 30th)

What the Farm Podcast – Ag Trade Policy with Chuck Spencer

Chuck Spenser is about as well versed on agriculture policy as you’ll get. We ask him if Trump can beat up Justin Trudeau…

Ontario Agcast – Simon Haley

Farming in the UK sounds a lot like farming in Canada, but with a better accent. We talk about tenancy, subsidy and agvocacy. See what I did there? In the Social Jungle, Simon Haley is Tarzan. You should be following these accounts he started:




Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – The Call of Home

Tonight I’m delighted to be heading just over the English border to Sandbach in Cheshire to talk to farmer and digital marketeer, Cesca Beswick. @Cesca_Beswick

We talk about her early life on her family’s dairy farm in Staffordshire, and how her Dad tragically died when she was 18 months old leaving her Mum to carry on the farm on her own, before eventually remarrying and moving up to Cheshire.

We discuss her decision to study Product Design Engineering at University, and how she gained an interest in social media marketing and saw the potential for it to be used in business, which back then was a new concept.

We talk about what she learned working in digital marketing after Uni, and what skills she was able to take back to the farm, when eventually the call of home proved too much and she joined her family business, complete with some Wiltshire Horn sheep in tow!

We hear about the various courses she’s completed including foot trimming, A.I, and Entrepreneurs in Dairying, and the importance of personal development, before moving on to talk about ‘Cesca’s Lamb’, the meat boxes that she’s now selling direct to the public.

We also go into why the sheep have helped her confidence grow over the last 3 years. All this and lots, lots more.

Cesca’s one of the loveliest people you could ever meet, and i really enjoyed learning more about her farming journey tonight.

Check it out folks..


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