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Keeping Ag Real Podcast – What is the correlation between home gardening and the romanticism traditionalism of farming? with Jayson Lusk

Are today’s “food police” shaping food policy? If so, who is the driving force behind these celebrity appointed experts? Join Jayson Lusk, author of “The Food Police,” as he shares his observations and studies.

What the Farm Podcast – Are Crop Dusters Crazy?

Lesley and Rob chat with Clayton Rempel, a certified aerial applicator. Listen to what he does and why people shouldn’t fear crop dusters.

Ontario AgCast – Ashely (Captain) Knapton

My guest this week is Ashely (Captain) Knapton. She loves agriculture and wants to try ALL the jobs before she eventually realizes her dream and takes over her family’s dairy farm.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Quinoa? In Shropshire?!

Tonight I am actually travelling! And heading the grand total of 9 1/2 miles across the English border, to Hordley in North Shropshire, to talk to Quinoa grower Stephen Jones @BritishQuinoa

We start off discussing Stephen’s farm, that his family have been on for 80 years, and how he ended up studying crop production and agronomy at Harper Adams University, before going on to do a phd at Nottingham.

We then talk about how he first heard about Quinoa in a local magazine, and how it fired his imagination enough to try to grow some for himself on the farm, (we also find out how you pronounce it – IS IT QUINOA OR KEEN-WAH?!) and his early experiments with supermarket bought seed.

We then move on to the breakthrough moment when he found varieties bred specifically for the European market, through Wageningan University in the Netherlands, and how he has close ties to other growers throughout Europe, before discussing the crop itself, and how it compares to other conventional crops grown in the UK.

We talk about how they process it and market it, and how they sell to companies from Pret a Manger, right through to large supermarkets, and how cool it is to see something they’ve grown in stores.

We also talk about the food itself, how it tastes, how to cook it, and what the nutritional benefits are, as well as talking about their range of own brand retail packs, and what the future holds for the business.

All this and lots, lots more. Stephen’s one of the interesting and innovative farmers in the UK who are really pushing boundaries, and it was absolutely fascinating to talk to him and learn more about his amazing product and business.

Check it out folks..


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Future of Agriculture – Harnessing Nature To Feed The World More Sustainably with David Perry of Indigo Ag

David Perry is the President, CEO, and Director of Indigo Ag, a company that seeks to harness the power of plant microbes to improve yield and lessen (and potentially eliminate) the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides. David is a well-known entrepreneur, having founded and built three outstanding companies within the last two decades. He has lead the last two companies through successful IPOs while providing significant returns for their investors. Prior to becoming a businessman, David attended the US Air Force Academy and was a National Merit Scholar.


In this episode, David explains how plant-microbe research can benefit the farmer as well as the environment. He describes the thought processes involved in founding Indigo Ag, the benefits of their research as well as its plausible risks towards the environment. He also shares their current research progress and their future projects.


“To improve economic prosperity for farmers, we should move farming from being a completely commoditized business to one where they are increasingly producing things that are value-added.” – David Perry


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • Why he believes microbes can help improve agriculture.
  • Their solutions to identifying microbes that increase yields.
  • Technologies that enabled them to expand and innovate their research.
  • Can they patent the microbes they find?
  • The risks of this type of research towards the environment.
  • The problems they started working on.
  • Can microbes eventually replace chemicals in agriculture?
  • What identity preservation means from a farmer’s view point.


David Perry’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Developing microbes are much faster than developing chemicals.
  • There’s a future in which we use less than half of the chemical fertilizers we use today, and we may eliminate 90% of the chemical pesticides and insecticides.
  • If the farmer is delivering their crop to a local elevator and it’s getting piled in with their neighbors, there’s no way for them to get paid for better quality or greater sustainability.


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Shark Farmer Podcast – Derek Klingenberg isn’t normal

Derek Klingenberg is that guy that plays his trombone to cows and other odd stuff. Listen to how he has navigated bringing agriculture to YouTube.

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What the Farm Podcast – Lunchables aren’t healthy

Lynn Weaver join Rob & Lesley to talk about the lost art of cooking and food labels.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – A ‘Health & Harmony’ Special with Minette Batters

Tonight for this Rock & Roll Farming special, I talk to NFU President Minette Batters.

We discuss the ‘Health & Harmony’ DEFRA consultation papers; why working farmers should respond to them, what’s good about them, what’s bad about them, what we as farmers need to happen post-brexit, and crucially, whether she employs a Donald Trump extreme handshake OR a Tory front bench power-stance when meeting with Government VIPs.

Check it out folks..



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Grow Smart with BASF Podcast – Rice news, weather talk and social media musing

Donnarie Hales, BASF Product Marketing Manager, discusses new rotation options for rice growers, her new gig, and the changing social media landscape.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – “Tomorrow isn’t a Given”

Tonight I’m delighted to be travelling down to Wimborne in Dorset, in the south West of England, to talk to sheep farmer Jemma Harding @meandeweblog

We talk about the perception of sheep farming as cool at the moment, and how the reality can be very different, before hearing about her early life growing up on the family farm and how her initial love of sheep developed.

We discuss her time at University studying photography, and how she combined it with farming, before hearing about how a night out at an MTV party in Birmingham led ultimately to a job offer and an eventual role interviewing musicians and celebrities around the World.

We then hear in depth about the accident that happened to her in 2008, when she was knocked off her bike by a lorry in central London, and the horrendous injuries she sustained. She tells us about the operations she went through, and how through sheer determination she was out of hospital in just 5 weeks, and how her collie puppy and horse helped her through the long nights suffering with PTSD.

We hear about how she left London life and went back to the family business, before her Father’s diagnosis with stage 4 cancer, and death just 9 months later. We discuss the difficulties she faced afterwards, dealing with it emotionally, but also with the farm, and how she had to learn to do many of the day to day things from scratch.

We also discuss the issues she’s had with dog attacks in her flock, and how it seems to be a growing problem in the UK, before moving on to talk about where she’s at now, and how despite it all, she has no regrets.

All this and much, much more.

Jemma’s story is one of courage in the face of huge adversity, and sheer determination to succeed, and it was an absolute privilege to talk to her tonight.

Check it out folks..



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