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Shark Farmer Podcast – Shilow & Jeff Bennett, Ag Meet-Up

Shilow and Jeff Bennett want to have the mother of all ag Meet-Ups. Their goal is to help bring agriculture together, and create a supportive community…. and have a whole lotta fun.


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What The Farm Podcast – Rebecca Noble makes better bananas

Lesley and Rob go down to Alltech to interview the people behind agriculture’s future ideas. Today we talk with Rebecca Noble and hear how she is helping plants defend themselves against disease.

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Brooke Clay tries to enter Witness Relocation Program, she is savin’ the booties plus when your doc gives GMOs a no

Have you ever met one of those people who makes your mind explode? Enter one of the hottest names in the food and agriculture world, Brooke Clay. Fluent in pop culture, Brooke shares about her role as producer of Chasing Down Madison Brown. In this episode, she schools me on the phrase Pork Chops & Applesauce, something which I’ve always believed to be a Schweigertism.

We get serious about savin’ booties and the lack of agriculture education involved in becoming an doctor. The show is wrapped up with excellent life advice that is so Brooke Clay.

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Grow Smart Podcast – Engenia ® herbicide stewardship, part one: Know before you go spray.

Chad Asmus, BASF Technical Marketing Manager, and Jeff Spencer, BASF Digital Farming Group Development Lead, give us the scoop on Engenia herbicide stewardship.

Ontario AgCast – Karen Dallimore

Karen Dallimore has a serious addiction…. To horses. Whether it’s writing about horses, competing in extreme cowboy racing, being a horse midwife or equine personality classification, we cover it all. Also, some fun horse trivia – what part of a horse’s anatomy is the largest of any land mammal? You’ll have to listen all the way to the end to find out.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Stand by your Ham

Tonight I’m delighted to be heading up to Driffield in East Yorkshire to talk to Sisters and award winning pig farmers, Kate Moore and Vicky Scott @KateMorgan24 @vickypig27

The girls tell us about their family business, which their parents, David & Sue, started in 1996 with 800 breeding sows, selling the progeny as weaners. We also hear how they both got involved, initially by just helping out, and they’ve never been allowed to leave!

We discuss the business as it is now, with 1700 indoor, and 1200 outdoor sows, and the different systems involved, and how despite their slat based system being more profitable, why they’d prefer to rear them all on straw yards for welfare reasons.

We talk about how they manage their different roles within the business, with 5 family members involved, and how the pecking order was established early on with some Sister on Sister pitchfork violence!!

We hear about the importance of strict biosecurity, and how that’s helped to reduce antibiotic use, and also how running their own feed mill has helped them really control the quality of the pigs feed and have more influence over costs.

We also discuss the importance of communicating what we do as farmers and food producers to our customers, and what they’re doing to help in this regard, including regularly talking to school children.

And I couldn’t not ask about the record they took part in ‘STAND BY YOUR HAM’ a few years back to highlight poor prices in the pig industry (AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE – AMAZING!!)

All this and lots, lots more.

It was fantastic to talk to Vicky and Kate and learn more about large scale pig production in the UK and what they’re doing on their farm, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take their business over the coming years.

Check it out folks..


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Future of Agriculture – Agriculture and Conservation with Michael Doane of The Nature Conservancy

Michael Doane is the Managing Director of the Agriculture and Food Systems at The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit organization and the world’s leader in providing nature conservation efforts. Their mission is to conserve Mother Nature for future generations by buying lands to prevent plant and animal extinction and restoring otherwise ruined parts of nature back to its former glory. Michael’s responsible for ensuring industries that rely heavily on nature are managed and controlled. He primarily concentrates on projects involving soil health, sustainable forestry and ranching, and nutrient loss reductions.


Today, Michael Doane shares his company’s advocacies and their many projects. He discusses the company’s history and what made them become the leading conservation organization. He also explains some of their company’s many successful projects as well as their prospects, and how they prioritize which ones to fund first.


“As food demand grows, there will be some expansion. But, we also think it can be done in a way that does the least amount of harm to nature.” – Michael Doane



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What the Nature Conservancy is all about.
  • What led the Nature Conservancy to agriculture?
  • The projects the company is working on.
  • How they work with their investors and partners.
  • Why they prefer to partner with the private industry.
  • How they decide which strategic priorities to pursue.
  • What it means to manage optimal soil health.
  • How they build trust with their investors.
  • What is the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator all about?


Michael Doane’s Words of Wisdom:

  • There are special places and special species and plants that need protection.
  • Management practice change can really address a lot of the current environmental problems.
  • There’s some very cost-effective emission reduction opportunities sitting right here in agriculture.
  • Investing in nature is a good investment.


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Shark Farmer Podcast – Adrienne Ivey and the beaver video

Adrienne Ivey made a video of her cows following a beaver…. not even kidding. Listen as she talks about how she gets outside of the ag bubble.

Plus, who doesn’t remember the menu song from Mcdonald’s?

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Ontario AgCast – Larry Miller

Larry Miller, Member of Parliament for Bruce, Grey, Owen Sound, will proudly tell you that his Federal Riding boasts the second largest number of cattle in Canada. What would it take to make someone trade their overalls for a suit and tie to fight for agriculture as a career politician?

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Rock and Roll Podcast – Farming, Bagpipes, & History

Tonight I’m heading for the very first time to the Great White North, to Canada! Or to Endiang, in Southern Alberta to be exact, to talk to cattle and crop farmer, Stuart Somerville @Stuthefarmer

We talk about the prairies where he lives, and the kind of farming people are doing in that area, and some of the challenges they face there, including coyotes, cougars, plagues of gophers, and drought.

We discuss Stu’s 4th generation farming operation which stretches to 4000ac of barley and canola, and calving 350 head of Maine-Anjou Cattle this year

We go into his early career, and why he chose to be school teacher for several years, before eventually returning to the family farm and starting a family.

We discuss his plans to be ‘a proper cattleman’, and what that really means, and how he wants to replace as much of the tractor and quad work as much as possible with horses going forward.

We also talk about bagpipes! Stu’s been playing them since he was 7 years old, and has played at the world pipe band championships in Scotland in 2004.

We also discuss how he ran for Parliament twice in ’08 and ’10, how he’s trying to put something back into the industry by getting involved with the Alberta Beef Producers as a delegate, as well as talking about social media, and what he loves about it, and also how sometimes he wants to burn the whole thing down!

I also couldn’t talk to Stu without talking about his love of history, and why he’s so interested in both the early pioneers, and the native people of Canada, as well as his own family stories.

All this and much, much more.

Stu’s one of my favourite people to follow on twitter, and it was fantastic to finally speak to him, and learn more about his farming life in Alberta. Check it out folks..



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