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The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jessie Alt, Cussing Pumpkins

Jessie Alt works for a big seed company, Her husband works for another… and she writes cuss words on pumpkins

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Rock and Roll Farming Pocast – A Great British Beef Week Special

Tonight for this Rock & Roll Farming Special, I head down to Exeter in Devon to talk to Farmer, and co-founder of Ladies in Beef, Jilly Greed, to hear all about Great British Beef Week (April 23rd – 30th)

What the Farm Podcast – Ag Trade Policy with Chuck Spencer

Chuck Spenser is about as well versed on agriculture policy as you’ll get. We ask him if Trump can beat up Justin Trudeau…

Ontario Agcast – Simon Haley

Farming in the UK sounds a lot like farming in Canada, but with a better accent. We talk about tenancy, subsidy and agvocacy. See what I did there? In the Social Jungle, Simon Haley is Tarzan. You should be following these accounts he started:




Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – The Call of Home

Tonight I’m delighted to be heading just over the English border to Sandbach in Cheshire to talk to farmer and digital marketeer, Cesca Beswick. @Cesca_Beswick

We talk about her early life on her family’s dairy farm in Staffordshire, and how her Dad tragically died when she was 18 months old leaving her Mum to carry on the farm on her own, before eventually remarrying and moving up to Cheshire.

We discuss her decision to study Product Design Engineering at University, and how she gained an interest in social media marketing and saw the potential for it to be used in business, which back then was a new concept.

We talk about what she learned working in digital marketing after Uni, and what skills she was able to take back to the farm, when eventually the call of home proved too much and she joined her family business, complete with some Wiltshire Horn sheep in tow!

We hear about the various courses she’s completed including foot trimming, A.I, and Entrepreneurs in Dairying, and the importance of personal development, before moving on to talk about ‘Cesca’s Lamb’, the meat boxes that she’s now selling direct to the public.

We also go into why the sheep have helped her confidence grow over the last 3 years. All this and lots, lots more.

Cesca’s one of the loveliest people you could ever meet, and i really enjoyed learning more about her farming journey tonight.

Check it out folks..


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Future of Agriculture – For Profit Approach to International Ag Development with Richard Lackey of World Food Bank

Richard Lackey is the Chairman and CEO of the World Food Bank, an organization founded in 2015 to provide sustainable solutions to the food security and hunger issues around the world. He is a highly-regarded expert in the trading and securities industry and is passionate about finding solutions that will help end world hunger.

Richard joins me today to share the driving force behind World Food Bank, their mission, and how their unique program is designed to significantly impact the food security and hunger issues we currently face worldwide. He explains how his systematized approach helps impact the world from an economic standpoint and why systematic approaches are more sustainable solutions to combating world hunger and poverty. He explains how they use model farms to help farmers in third-world countries gain access to the tools, techniques, and strategies that can improve their crop grades, quality, and profits. He also shares his prediction for investors considering food as a future asset commodity and the potential impact that a single 5,000-acre farm can have on the lives of those living in countries such as Uganda.


“The ability to now store commodities for years and years – and maintain grade – is a game-changer.” – Richard Lackey


This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The food security issues that the World Food Bank focuses on solving.
  • What is post-harvest loss and how it impacts the export market worldwide?
  • How they use model farms as an educational tool within third-world countries.
  • Why organizations are beginning to shift their focus from project-based programs to systematic solutions.
  • How the company works with investors and creates profits.
  • The technology they use to store commodities and remove the calendar risk associated with long storage periods.
  • How his organization helps third-world countries mitigate and control price volatility.
  • How the systematic approach is impacting the lives of farmers as well as the poverty crisis within third-world countries.
  • His prediction on investors considering food commodities as an asset class in the future.
  • The potential impact that one sustainable farm can have in a third-world country.
  • How they determine how well crop genetics will work within each region.


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Shark Farmer Podcast – Scott Daniel life after dairy

Scott Daniel was the kind of kid that read Holstein magazines and had herdsmen as heroes. So, you can imagine how hard it was for him to shut down his own dairy. Listen to an open an honest account of his story.

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What the Farm Podcast – Wind, Solar, and Farming

Do wind turbines help farmers… or do they just blow?
@lesleyraekelly and I talk wind and solar.

Ontario AgCast – Kiana Simmons

Who would want to live in downtown Toronto, not own a car and choose almond milk over dairy? I learned a lot from 21 year old, urban planner, Kiana Simmons, but some of what she shared challenged point of view. If you want to know what an urban millennial thinks about food and farming you will want to listen to this.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – The Appliance of Crop Science

Tonight I’m delighted to be travelling down to Silchester in Hampshire to talk to Crop Scientist and Director of the AgriFood Training Partnership, Professor Carol Wagstaff @cwagstaff

We talk about how studying biology at Royal Holloway, University of London, and spending time at Kew Gardens led to a fascination with plants and crops, and eventually to a career as a crop scientist at the University of Reading.

We discuss the research group that she leads, that focusses on improving the quality of food, including the nutritional value, appearance, flavour and shelf life, as well as helping consumers make healthy dietary choices.

We go into some of the best things about the job she does, which include working with a range of people from primary food producers, right through to large scale organisations and government, and also talk about GM crops and some of the misconceptions there are out there.

We then discuss the AFTP @AFTPnews (AgriFood Training Partnership), and how they’re providing high level training and skills development for professionals in the agriculture, food and beverage industries, through a wide range of courses in various formats – online, face to face workshops, and blended learning. We also talk about the AFTP Conference that takes place on 3rd July, and what people can expect there.

Lastly we talk about Carol’s other life as a high-level dressage rider, and how she manages to find the time to do that, as well as train for a marathon!

All this and much more. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Carol tonight, and learn more about her life and career as a crop scientist.

Check it out folks..



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