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Shark Farmer Podcast – Adrienne Ivey and the beaver video

Adrienne Ivey made a video of her cows following a beaver…. not even kidding. Listen as she talks about how she gets outside of the ag bubble.

Plus, who doesn’t remember the menu song from Mcdonald’s?

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Ontario AgCast – Larry Miller

Larry Miller, Member of Parliament for Bruce, Grey, Owen Sound, will proudly tell you that his Federal Riding boasts the second largest number of cattle in Canada. What would it take to make someone trade their overalls for a suit and tie to fight for agriculture as a career politician?

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Rock and Roll Podcast – Farming, Bagpipes, & History

Tonight I’m heading for the very first time to the Great White North, to Canada! Or to Endiang, in Southern Alberta to be exact, to talk to cattle and crop farmer, Stuart Somerville @Stuthefarmer

We talk about the prairies where he lives, and the kind of farming people are doing in that area, and some of the challenges they face there, including coyotes, cougars, plagues of gophers, and drought.

We discuss Stu’s 4th generation farming operation which stretches to 4000ac of barley and canola, and calving 350 head of Maine-Anjou Cattle this year

We go into his early career, and why he chose to be school teacher for several years, before eventually returning to the family farm and starting a family.

We discuss his plans to be ‘a proper cattleman’, and what that really means, and how he wants to replace as much of the tractor and quad work as much as possible with horses going forward.

We also talk about bagpipes! Stu’s been playing them since he was 7 years old, and has played at the world pipe band championships in Scotland in 2004.

We also discuss how he ran for Parliament twice in ’08 and ’10, how he’s trying to put something back into the industry by getting involved with the Alberta Beef Producers as a delegate, as well as talking about social media, and what he loves about it, and also how sometimes he wants to burn the whole thing down!

I also couldn’t talk to Stu without talking about his love of history, and why he’s so interested in both the early pioneers, and the native people of Canada, as well as his own family stories.

All this and much, much more.

Stu’s one of my favourite people to follow on twitter, and it was fantastic to finally speak to him, and learn more about his farming life in Alberta. Check it out folks..



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Future of Agriculture – Biochar with Jim Loar of Cool Planet

Jim Loar is the President & CEO of Cool Planet, a company founded to provide innovative agricultural technologies that increase crop production at a low cost while reducing greenhouse gas throughout the atmosphere. The company’s current research focus is on their Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon technology, a type of soil enhancer that improves soil health, reduces water consumption, and supports optimal fertilizer performance. Prior to joining Cool Planet in 2015, Jim was the VP of Operations at Wilbur-Ellis Company, the fourth largest agricultural retailer in the USA.


Today, Jim shares their company’s latest findings on Cool Terra and how it can help optimize crop output. He describes the science behind Cool Terra, the many benefits it imparts to both soil and farmer, and how it can help fight global warming. He also explains some of its most outstanding research findings, particularly when it comes to soil microbe health.


“We’re providing the habitat for the soil biology to colonize and grow and prosper.” – Jim Loar



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What is engineered biocarbon technology all about?
  • What is BioChar and how can it be used in agriculture?
  • The primary benefit of a treated BioChar material.
  • The main findings of their lab tests on Cool Terra.
  • How their product can help ease environmental use of pesticides.
  • Why Cool Terra can help farmers have higher income.
  • Cool Terra and its effects on the air we breathe.
  • Is it economically feasible to move carbon around?
  • Does the product need more nitrogen?
  • Are other similar products standardized?


Jim Loar’s Words of Wisdom:

  • When it comes to soil microbes, what we all hope for is we can put the good guys in a better position to outcompete the bad guys.
  • Different farmers have different beliefs and different ways of thinking about their soil.


Connect with Jim Loar:



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Shark Farmer Podcast – Bob Hartsough heartache is a gift

Bob Hartsough got screwed big time… but he choose to forgive. Listen to how going though tough times prepared him to get through the darkest of days.

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Ag Now Podcast – Why growing up on a farm looks great on a resume

You can take the kid off the farm, but can you take the farm out of the kid?

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Craft Beer, algae, glyphosate and Bud-wi-ser with Aidan Connelly

Join me while I chat with Chief Innovation Officer of Alltech, Inc., Aiden Connelly. We touch on numerous topics.

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Brian Randolph – A will to live life to the fullest and spread positivity in his path

He’s faced near complete paralysis, having his legs amputated and being in a coma, twice. Despite these challenges, Brian Randolph is one of the most positive people I know. Unfortunately, his battles aren’t over and he needs your help. Brian is waiting for a kidney transplant and liver tissue donation. Take a listen to his incredible story, then return here to complete Mayo Clinic’s Living transplantation questionnaire to see if you might be a match.

Watch Brian take a few more steps at PT!

Ontario AgCast – Brianne Brown

April is Autism Awareness Month which is a cause close to Brianne Brown’s heart. She shares why having a special needs child is a blessing for the whole family. If you’re interested in International perspectives on the Future of Farming, you can catch Brianne on this panel at the Arrell Food Summit Finally, we find out if this 6th generation dairy farmer could only milk one breed of cows for the rest of her life, is it Holsteins or Jerseys….

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Hear the one about the Farmer and the Environmentalist?

Tonight I’m heading down to Middlezoy in Somerset to talk to conservationist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, and writer, Simon Phelps.

Who said a farmer and an environmentalist couldn’t have a polite conversation?!

We discuss his background, and how the natural environment has always held a fascination to him, which led to studying Geography and Ecology at Uni, before hearing about his various roles in the sector, including ecological surveying in Dorset, and working as a youth engagement officer in the Midlands.

We then discuss his current role with Butterfly Conservation, working with farmers and landowners to advise them on managing their land for threatened species in Exmoor, Dartmoor, and Bodmin. We talk about the role that farmers play in managing the UK’s natural environment, and how working with them has changed his mind on a few things.

We discuss the idea of rewinding, and what that means to him, before moving on to hedge row management and what he believes that farmers should be doing differently with their hedges, and why they’re so important to the natural environment.

All this and much more.

It was great to talk to Simon, and hear that farmers and conservationists can work together in a positive way to benefit the UK countryside. Check it out folks..



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