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Shark Farmer Podcast – Pam Smith Ag Media Legend

Pam Smith is one of the most respected ag media icons, of all times. She’s “been there/done that” and then wrote the story. Listen as she talks about being a woman reporter in the early days and how she sees ag media now.

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WTF Podcast – Organic farmer Carolyn Olson

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Ontario AgCast – Chris Crump

The Ontario Pork Congress is a celebration of the industry that gives us bacon! Chris Crump is this year’s OPC President and has spent 35 years probing, measuring and testing pigs all in pursuit of a better pork chop. I approve.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Jones the Journo

Tonight I’m delighted to be travelling down to the bight lights of Bristol to talk to journalist, Anna Jones @Jonesthejourno

We talk about her early life growing up on her family’s beef and sheep farm in the Welsh borders, and her decision at an early age to become a journalist. We hear about some of her early reporting jobs and her experiences there, before going on to getting a job on popular BBC TV show Countryfile as a researcher in 2006.

We talk about her time on Countryfile and her experiences there in depth, including why it divides opinion amongst farmers, broadcasting legend John Craven nearly being squashed by a 30ft Christmas tree, and I also attempt to find out who the biggest diva amongst the presenters is!

We then discuss her time at flagship BBC Radio 4 programme Farming Today, and some of the differences between working in TV and Radio, and some of the amazing stories that she covered there.

We hear about her Nuffield Scholarship – ‘Help or Hinder? How the Mainstream Media Portrays Farming to the Public’ and what she found out along the journey, before moving on to talk about her new initiative – Just Farmers – that will actively seek out and train farmers how to talk to the media and improve communication skills, and help to increase the public’s understanding of agriculture.

All this and plenty more.

Anna’s passion for agriculture and rural life is evident throughout the interview, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk to her tonight.

Check it out folks..


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Future of Agriculture – How Farming Maggots Can Convert Waste to Feed with Olympia Yarger of GOTERRA

Olympia Yarger is the Founder and CEO of GOTERRA, an Australian-based waste management company that redefines the idea of food waste through decentralized waste management. Their company’s primary goal is to manage food and animal waste using insects of which the byproduct could be used as a feed additive. This approach is an alternative and sustainable way of feeding livestock that also reduces global waste.


Today, Olympia shares how maggots can help solve global food waste. She describes what it was like to start a maggot farm, how to manage one, and what makes it unique compared to typical farms. She also explains how maggots convert food waste to animal feed and how this could be the future of sustainable agriculture.


“It’s one thing to get the flies to do the act and get viable eggs, but it’s another to manage consistency of production at any scale.” – Olympia Yarger



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • The problems they initially encountered with their maggots when they were starting out.
  • What it’s like to run a maggot farm vs a typical farm.
  • What a Black Soldier Fly farm looks like.
  • How much food waste could one shipping container go through?
  • How they structure their business model.
  • How long it takes to raise maggots.
  • What they do with waste that wasn’t consumed.
  • Food items they can’t use in the farm.


Olympia Yarger’s Words of Wisdom:

  • You can streamline insect farming in a way that makes it affordable and also gives you access to a wave of ideas.
  • There is a need to breed a lot of maggot eggs and refine the system in a way that is commercially viable.


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Shark Farmer Podcast – Clay Graves is in a historic drought

Clay Graves is in a historic drought. He’s only got a small hope for 1200 of his 5000 acres to produce something this year. Plus a lesson on how polyester is a bastard fiber.

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What the Farm Podcast – Keiran Whitaker wants to feed you bugs

Keiran Whitaker talks to us about raising Black Soldier Flies on urban waste. Then using those insects as protein for livestock feed.

Keeping Ag Real – Under Secretary Bill Northey | Ag Census process, Trade & President Trump’s Connection to Agriculture

Today’s episode is brought to you by Alltech. I had the honor of interviewing Bill Northey, Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm & Foreign Agricultural Services, during Alltech’s #ONE18 event.

We dig deep into the Ag Census process, discuss the Under Secretary and Secretary Perdue’s expectations under the Trump administration and discuss the US’s trade woes.

Grow Smart Podcast with BASF – Engenia ® herbicide stewardship, part two: The word from the field.

A cotton grower in Texas and a soybean grower in Minnesota weigh in on how Engenia herbicide worked for them last year, and how they plan to use it this year.