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Shark Farmer Podcast – Ben Wiginton paratrooper to trader

Ben Wiginton is a personification of the American dream. Hard work and loyalty to his country has led to an amazing life.

What the Farm Podcast – Ashlyn George lost girl

Ashlyn George is about as well traveled as they come. Listen in as she gives advice to farmers on how to travel.

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Inspiring the Future of Women in Agriculture

Today’s episode is the first of its kind as we will be featuring two guests.  The first is Jackie Applegate, Head of Global Vegetable Seeds and Environmental Science for the Crop Science Division at Bayer. The second guest is Jeanette Lombardo, American Agri-Women’s current President.

Even though this episode is intended to inspire women in agriculture, men, you need to listen as well… these ladies bring advice to the table which applies to everyone, no matter your packaging! As you will hear Jackie say in the episode, “So, it’s not us versus them. It’s how we together can make a difference.” These ladies bring advice to the table which applies to everyone, no matter your packaging.

Thank you to the support of Bayer Crop Science and American Agri-Women for sponsoring today’s episode.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: A dirty little secret!

What do a 200+ mph Bonneville Salt Flats F-150 and a wet harvest have in common?

Ray Bohacz says more than you would think

Ontario AgCast – James Whetlor, Cabrito Goat

Chef, author and entrepreneur, James Whetlor founded Cabrito Goat after keeping a few goats to solve a land management problem. Being a successful chef, a few of the goats ended up on the menu. After goat outsold beef the first week (still don’t believe it), James thought perhaps there was a larger market for kid goat meat and it turns out there was. We go deep into the history of why goat meat is considered the poor man’s food and Wendell commits to trying something new.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Don’t You Want Red Tractor Baby

Tonight I’m delighted to be heading down to London to talk to the CEO of Red Tractor, Jim Moseley.

We start off by talking about what the Red Tractor Scheme actually is, and how it came about, before going in to Jim’s early career and how he got to where he is now.

We talk about his achievements as a highly successful athlete as a young man, racing against legends such as Sen Coe and Steve Ovette, and running 100 metres in 10.7 seconds, AND a marathon in 2 hours and 40 minutes!

We then go into more detail about Red Tractor itself, discussing the amount of farmers involved in the scheme, some of the standards that have to be complied to, and how it works throughout the entire food chain.

We then talk at length about the new TV advert and how it came about, what the purpose of it is, and the thought process behind it, before moving on to discuss the new standards they’re implementing at farm level, and the reasoning behind it.

We also talk about Jim’s vision for the future of Red Tractor, and how he sees it being THE standard for British food, both at home and abroad.

Also includes a phenomenal Dad Joke at the end. 10/10.

All this and much, much more.

Jim’s a fascinating guy, and is extremely passionate about the British food industry, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk to him tonight.

Check it out folks..


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Future of Agriculture Podcast – International Agribusiness in China to Rural Entrepreneurship in Oklahoma with Brady Sidwell

International Agribusiness in China to Rural Entrepreneurship in Oklahoma with Brady Sidwell

Shark Farmer Podcast – Carri Manion it’s all in the timing

There’s no perfect time to follow your dreams… That’s why Carri Manion just went for it

What the Farm Podcast – Stacey Decker gives us an inside look

Stacey Decker gives us an inside look into what an urban mom looks at when deciding how to feed her family.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Where is the HEAT??????

Ray Bohacz shares how to diagnose poor heater performance in any application.