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Shark Farmer Podcast – Darcizzle Offshore fishing social media empire

Get to know the woman behind the fishing social media Juggernaut know as Darcizzle Offshore

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What the Farm Podcast – Sam Masler vegetarian butcher?

She became a vegetarian. Then a butcher. Then an omnivore. Listen to her story here.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Imploding (Profit) Concern….

Do not let hydraulic pump cavitation eat away at your farm’s profitability!

Pump diagram

Ontario AgCast- Gordon Stock

Gordon Stock, Senior Policy Advisor and Government Relations for the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association

Gordon, not Gord, talks about life after dairy farming and his exciting role in horticulture.

Future of Agriculture – International Ag Development through Venture Capital with Euler Bropleh of Vested World

Euler Bropleh is the Founder & Managing Director of Vested World, an investment platform that seeks to bridge the gap between private investors and startups in emerging markets. Euler focuses on emerging markets because he knows what it’s live in a country that barely made any progress in the last 50 years and how access to substantial capital can make a huge difference in the economy of a developing nation. He has served as an angel investor to multiple businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, some of which are in the ag industry.

Euler joins me today to share his commitment to helping developing countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. He discusses how Vested World works and describes some of the companies they helped grow and prosper. He explains some of the risks involved in their business as well as some of its more notable benefits. Euler also discusses what the FIERCE acronym stands for and how he bases his business model around it.

“If you do well by the people you’re working with, your company’s going to perform better, and everyone benefits from it.” – Euler Bropleh

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • What Vested World is and its business focus.
  • The history of Vested World and some of their notable investments.
  • Risk and benefits in investing in developing countries.
  • Ag-related companies they’ve invested in.
  • What made Euler want to invest in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • What it’s like to grow up in an African country.
  • Balancing the needs of the communities he is impacting.
  • What FIERCE stands for and how he considers it with their investment models.

Connect with Euler Bropleh

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Shark Farmer Podcast – John Coggins hay to Nebraska

John Coggins is a welder from Kansas. Listen to how a trip up to Nebraska, to help flood victims, changed his life.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Ivor Cummins – Irish Heart Disease Awareness.

Can a growing global passion for lower carb / high nutrient-dense food boost demand for Irish grassfed produce? In this episode, Ivor Cummins, Chief Program Officer, IHDA outlines some context on this growing trend, along with perspectives on CVD risk-taking to better understand and optimise health.

* In the 90’s, Ivor completed a biochemical engineering degree, followed by 30 years spent in corporate technical leadership positions. His career specialty has been leading large worldwide teams in complex problem-solving activity. 

* Irish Heart Disease Awareness ( is a charity established to raise awareness of heart disease, as a progressive, measurable and treatable disease, that can be detected by a simple calcification test.  

* The charity’s founder, David Bobbett, is also CEO and majority shareholder of H&K International, one of the world’s largest equipment suppliers to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. 

What the Farm Podcast – Henry Gordon-Smith vertical farming

Can a city be designed to feed itself? Henry Gordon-Smith is on the cutting edged of vertical farming. 

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Let’s keep being STRANGERS… that is to the inside of your engine!

Ray Bohacz explains how to never have to replace a head gasket

Ontario AgCast- Steve McCabe

This week on the Ontario AgCast, Steve McCabe talks to us about his new role as Executive Director of the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada, fly fishing and politics. Steve, craft beer and jeep aficionado, lends an interesting perspective on Canada’s role in agricultural technology and manufacturing- listen now!