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Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: What is eating at…. YOUR ENGINE?

Electrolysis and cavitation erosion!

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Romans, lazer beams & farming dreams

Tonight I’m heading up to the lake district in Cumbria, to talk to farmer and author, Andrea Meanwell. 

In one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve done so far, we talk about her family’s 500 year connection to the area, archaeology, lazer beams, Roman forts, fulfilling her dream of owning a farm of her own, and her new role as lake district farming officer.

All this, and much more. 

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Ontario AgCast- Tamar Haspel

Can we have a public conversation about agriculture that isn’t polarized, vitriolic and, ultimately, counterproductive?

Maybe, just maybe.

Here’s a place to start. Tamar Haspel is a journalist and Oyster Farmer, who’s been on the food and science beat for almost 20 years.

She writes the James Beard award-winning Washington Post column, Unearthed, which covers food supply issues, and contributes to National Geographic, Discover, and Edible Cape Cod.

Future of Agriculture – New Zealand Ag Innovation with Stu Bradbur

Stu Bradbury is a Strategy Adviser at Sprout Agritech Accelerator, New Zealand’s top-rated ag startup accelerator. They back startups that offer bold and innovative solutions to some of agriculture’s biggest problems. Stu’s role is to identify their country’s most promising startup companies as well as mentor and help them grow to success. He has extensive experience in product commercialization and services in the agricultural sector.

Stu joins me today to discuss the ag startup economy in New Zealand as well as how their company’s accelerator programs work. He shares his career background, his experience starting an irrigation company, and his experience working with Sprout. He describes what they look for in a startup as well as what those startups can expect from their programs. Stu also shares how Sprout initially conducted their marketing strategies.

Stay tuned for our Five-Minute Farmer segment with Jana Hocken, author of The Lean Dairy Farm.

You need to understand how your product or service affects your customer’s life; how they’re going to live with it.” – Stu Bradbury

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Stu’s academic and career background and his entrepreneurial journey.
  • Why agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand.
  • New Zealand’s drive for the numerous agricultural inventions and innovations.
  • Why he focused on irrigation tech more than other systems.
  • What he would have done differently if he knew the resources available when he was starting out.
  • What it’s like to work with Sprout AgriTech and what they look for in startups.

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Sharkfarmer Podcast – Dr. Marissa Hake, Make Veal Great Again

Dr.Hake – Calf Vet is taking social media by storm with with her videos and blog. As a veterinarian she works hard everyday pouring her heart and soul into caring for animals and most recently, teaching people about veal calf care. Animals that are used for veal are housed in individual nursery pens up to about 6 weeks of age where they are fed and kept clean and allowed to move freely and comfortably about. Animals who are used for veal actually weigh up to 600lbs.

For more info go to and

What the Farm Podcast – Rachel Herz, Why you eat what you eat

Rachel Herz has a fascinating conversation with Rob and Lesley about “Why We Eat What We Eat.” Everybody has their own scent based on their DNA makeup just like no two fingerprints are the same. They explore the idea that we can smell fear and stress? A room full of people taking a test smells very different than a gym. Research has shown that organic food labels can actually change our behavior towards people..even in the grocery store parking lot! If you want to eat 1/2 as much food put it on a red plate versus a white or blue one.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Shake, Rattle, Roll made Bill Haley and The Comets RICH… but will make you POOR!

Understanding  NVH and why it is important to your farm

What the Farm Podcast – Ryan & Lesley Steppler cricket farmers

Ryan had an idea to diversify their farm by raising …of all things…crickets.

Born and raised on cattle and grain farms, they are country kids that know the value of agriculture and the importance of growing and raising food.

They started with 200, very loud, crickets in their basement and now have hundreds of thousands! Crickets are high in protein, nutrient dense, and can be ground into a powder that can be added to snacks and baked goods.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: It AIN’T a diamond in the ROUGH…

Carbon deposits on injectors and intake valves are choking your engine

Ontario AgCast- Sally Smith-Pelleboer

Some people bring baggage to a marriage, Sally Smith-Pelleboer brought a herd of beef cows.

Sally talks about dairy and beef farming in the heart of Oxford County. Her love of farming, family and cows is infectious- listen now!